Wednesday 170705

10 Rounds of:
Row for max effort 200(150) meters
Rest 1 minute between efforts

Post results to comments or BTWB


WOW, watching this video of Anahita makes us realize that she is everything is right in this world!!!  Anahita is a pretty amazing, smart, BUSY young lady and it is a privilege that she chose Verve as her gym.  Thank you Anahita for everything that you do.


  1. Shorty Jen :

    I loved watching this and learning about your new gig that’s coming up — I had no idea! YOU motivate ME, Anahita! 😘

  2. Liz :

    Anahita, you’re a rockstar (in and outside the gym)! Your positive energy is contagious and I’m glad you’re with us at Verve.

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