Wednesday 170719

With a 12 minute running clock:
1 Minute max double unders
1 Minute max DB snatch, 40#(25#)
2 Minute max double unders
2 Minute max DB snatch, 40#(25#)
3 Minute max double unders
3 Minute max DB snatch, 40#(25#)

Post results to comments or BTWB


WOW, Katie has been a member at Verve since 2009!! She has seen many iterations of Verve and probably has many great stories.  Katie always has the best attitude, the greatest smile, and makes you feel like she genuinely cares how you are doing which is why she is going to make a GREAT teacher to those lucky preschoolers.  Happy to have you in class every day Katie and best of luck with your new adventure!


  1. Ali :

    Katie OG!! Thank you for always having that bright and beautiful smile!! This video captures everything Verve loves about you😘

  2. Mick :

    She is the cutest!!!

  3. Katie :

    Thanks guys! ❤️

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