Wednesday 170823

Every minute on minute for 20 minutes
1 Power clean
*Start at 50% of 1 rep max and add 5 pounds each minute.

Rest 5 minutes then:

As many power cleans as possible in 5 minutes at 70% of today’s heaviest lift

Post results to comments or BTWB


This… video… is…. awesome and is a true representation of the awesomeness of Ali.  Most of you have had an opportunity to meet her since she goes to many class times. Ali is one of the OG members at Verve and has logged EVERY SINGLE workout she has ever done; her energy and positivity is infectious and she wears her love for her 5:30am crew and swolemates on her sleeve.  Ali – there are not enough words to express our happiness for having you as a member as long as you have been. So many people have watched you grow as an athlete and we are excited to see what your future holds.  CHEERS ALI!


  1. Robyn :

    ❤️You Ali! I remember when you moved from Fort Collins and joined Verve! Friends for life!

  2. Mike Lowrey :

    A. Cakes is the coolest!!! I remember she popped my competition cherry at the Lumberyard Throwdown. I’ve been a hoe ever since

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