Wednesday 170830

Every minute on minute for 20 minutes
1 Power snatch
*Start at 40% of 1 rep max and add 5 pounds each minute.
Rest 5 minutes then:
As many power snatch as possible in 5 minutes at 65% of today’s heaviest lift

Post results to comments or BTWB

Kaitlin showing some solid lockout overhead!!

Kaitlin showing some solid lockout overhead!!

A FUN NEW PULLING VARIATION for those who need to modify overhead pulling! (Dan Pope – FitnessPainFree)

A major theme for shoulder health is the introduction of more horizontal pulling variations.  This holds especially true in the off-season as we are trying to work in multiple planes and build back balance after a rigorous in-season.  Generally most of our programs are heavily loaded with overhead pull variations (pull-ups, toes to bar, muscle-ups, rope climbs etc.) but lack horizontal pulling.

One great exercise I don’t see people perform often enough are horizontal rope climb variations.  They’re fun, easily scalable for a large group training class, train the heck out of your grip and are a nice horizontal pull variation.  These are also great drills to help build proficiency for legless rope climbs and serve as an easy scale for those who can’t perform them yet.  Check out the video below:


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