Wednesday 171227

Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes:
Minute 1: 10 Kettlebell Front Rack Cossack Squats (build up in load over the course of the EMOM)
Minute 2: 5/5 Single Arm Ring Row (3 second lowering phase)
Minute 3: 7 Box Jumps 30″(24″)
Minute 4: 5/5 Kneeling Kettlebell Press (24kg/16kg x2)

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“Cuz every thug needs a lady” – Ryan Young


#1 – What is your hometown?  I was born and raised in San Diego. Well, it’s like when someone from Brighton says they are from Denver. So I guess I should say I am from the beautiful affluent city of Santee California. I have lived in Colorado for 17 years now. We spent a year in Idaho and some formative years in Oregon.
#2 – What got you into CrossFit / Verve?  I started doing weird crazy workouts in the warehouse of my old church. One of the youth pastors took some weekend course and he was seduced to the Crossfit ways. Through a strange chain of events I met Rich McClung (an old member who works for Coors). He was my in at Verve. I had to do a workout for the Open at an affiliated gym, so I went to Verve. I was introduced to Matt and Cherie, and the rest is as they say, history.
#3 – What is your favorite workout/movement and why?  I don’t think I have any favorites because they all suck if you’re doing it right. But if I had to pick, I can go with deadlifts because all you do is bend down and pick it up. Oh, how about that one girl workout with running, kettlebell swings, and pullups? I don’t remember her name but that one’s alright (that’s what she said). 
Least favorite has got to be thrusters. Maybe burpees. Or boxjumps. No, ring handstand pushups. Yeah, those give me a real fit. 
#4 – What is the dumbest way you’ve ever been injured?  Well, if I get injured it’s usually doing something awesome, not dumb (like throwing ninja stars or playing with fire). But I suppose I have had some LESS awesome injuries. I broke my foot doing a box jump once. There is that one time I fell off a ladder painting my house and broke my arm and probably shoulda died. I guess that was pretty not awesome.
#5 – What was the first CD you ever owned?  I may have a terrible memory, but this I do know. Greenday Dookie! 
#6 – Favorite cheat meal?  Now here’s a stupid question. I am not a cheater (unless I’m working out with Eric). My diet is so good it does not give me the urge to cheat. I am stronger than most in that regard. It might help to know that my diet does includes a variety of items that many “nutritionally conscious” might consider unwise. One of my favorite “not cheat” meals would be pizza with an ice cold Coca-Cola followed by warm fudge brownies. Maybe I’ll have that tonight.
#7 – Who or where would you haunt if you were a ghost?  I like to think that if this were real I would be more like Casper, the friendly ghost. ‘Haunt’ has a scary vibe to it. Or I’d be like Drop Dead Fred. But I guess he was not a ghost but an imaginary friend. Bill Cosby was pretty good in Ghost Dad. I guess none of these really answer the question. They are where I would draw inspiration though. I would probably haunt any dudes that try to hit on my wife. 


  1. Ali :

    Ryan is the best!!

  2. Anna :

    Such great answers!! These are so fun to read!

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