Two rounds for time:

35 Double unders

35 Good mornings

35 Box jumps, 24" (20")

35 Sit-ups

75ft Walking lunges

35 Burpees

Last done on December 19th, 2008

Post time to comments.


Tom F. and Jeff battle "Jackie".  Ask Tom about his fish oil story… rather amusing.

Much like Facebook, air is essential to mankind's survival.  When lifting heavy loads, air management to aid torso rigidity is even more essential (umm.. arguable).  In order to maintain the structural integrity of your spine while lifting heavy, a positive pressure in the thoracic cavity must be established and maintained during the meat of the lift. 

To establish this air pressure, set-up your lift by addressing the bar and assuming an appropriate starting position.  When ready, fill your lungs to capacity by breathing as deep as possible and then locking the air away for the duration of the lift.  With positive pressure in the lungs, tightening the abdominals and back will secure that structural integrity of the spine.  Its important to note, tightening the abdominals does not refer to showing off your six (eight?) pack.  Rather, think about pressing your abdominals down and out.  Voila' … go and lift heavy my friends.  Practice makes perfect!

Is anyone feeling stronger after a few days of Paleo and CrossFitting?

**Sara W. had an accident in the gym yesterday and bonked her head pretty good.  Please send her your well-wishings by submitting a comment or giving her a call.  We hope you are feeling okay Sara.**



  1. Matt :

    I’ll start off the response to the question of the day.
    I feel stronger and leaner due to the paleo/zone changes I’ve made. Even with walking pneumonia (diagnosed yesterday), I PR’d on heavy grace by over a minute and a half, came within 30 seconds of my PR on the deadlift/burpee WOD, and had no problem OHS’ing 225#. Three weeks ago, I was just plugging along trying to troubleshoot my performances (or lack thereof).
    It comes down to quality of food going into my piehole and rest.
    Keep filling out your nutrition logbooks – we’d like to inspect them this coming week to see how everyone is doing. People that have shown us their logbooks already can attest to the usefulness of tracking food intake.
    See you in a couple days.

  2. Amy Schaeffer :

    I went to the hospital with Sara and besides being in a pretty good amount of pain, she was in fairly high spirits and was able to converse and make sure that she had paleo food on hand when she was finally allowed to eat….her BIGGEST concern was being able to work out at CF in Boston when she is there over the next three months…..SARA, YOU ARE SUCH A TROOPER!
    I am not sure how the paleo diet is affecting me yet because I have not been getting enough sleep and my WODs have suffered because of it. This next week I will hopefully get my rest so I can measure my results.

  3. stef :

    I have to say one thing… I was in a room yesterday (most the day)and everyone was eating candy. Then, I left for a minute and came back, they put girl scout cookies in my space, opened bag. OMG!! I did not cave. it was rough. (shocking moment).
    Sara, girl.. unreal. I cannot believe how crazy you are about CF. It’s truly addicting! Hope you’re feeling well this morning. Was thinking about u on my drive in.

  4. Rich :

    I am in the same boat as Amy – due to my lack of sleep from my constantly changing work schedule, waking up at 3AM and not doing a WOD till 630PM is rough… I love being on the Paleo, not sure if I am stronger or not, but I have dropped 5 lbs in a week and that was with only 1 or 2 WODS!!! This is exciting!
    I have also noticed that cravings for certain foods have definitely subsided and no longer want my piece of dark chocolate at night. Things are going very well with the Paleo diet! I love it!

  5. Cherie :

    Just got off the phone with Sara, she is doing good and recieved 7 staples last night. She is very luck, as there is no other injury. As Amy stated her biggest worry right now is that she can not work out. Sara you are an animal. We are going to miss you while you are in Boston.

  6. Jeff McD :

    Sara is one bad mofo and Stef next time sick the ninja midgets on them for messin with you!
    Today’s WOD 22:52, doubles on the first round but those box jumps kicked my arse and had to do singles on the second round.

  7. Tiff :

    paleo: still trying to tune things in on my part…but i DO feel great about WHAT i’m putting into my body. performance hasn’t seemed drastically different, but i haven’t felt great either. i added some carb blocks back in and it has seemed to help the dizziness and headaches. we’ll see how today goes…forty minutes and counting down!

  8. TIm M. :

    Paleo/Zone is going well. Timing of my meals have been important I can tell when I need to eat. Sleep was another issue as many of us in the beginning although I am in control of sleep and have been feeling great. Cravings have gone away for other foods. WOD yesterday, my strength and endurance felt a lot better.
    Sara you are addicted like all of us to Crossfit; it is in our blood. I agree with Cherie you are animal more worried about WOD then the staples. Let your injury heal you’ll be back soon, Have fun in boston.

  9. Sara Weisbart :

    Thanks for all the concern everyone! I’m doing good. Like Cherie said, I am feeling frustrated that I can’t work out for a week (a WHOLE WEEK!!!). I’m sure you all know how I feel though. Sticking with paleo though. I am also adding carb blocks back. I was way too hungry with only 6 a day. I will miss Crossfit Verve and all of you very much! Excited to work out with Crossfit Boston though! That white board better get prepared for my return in May! ahahaha! Good luck to all of you with the challange and the WODs. I’ll check in and say hi soon! Maybe send you all some Crossfit Boston pictures.

  10. Dan :

    For those days when the going gets tough…

  11. Joylyn :

    Regarding the paleozone, I’m feeling pretty good. Almost no cravings (I still miss a little dark chocolate every now and then), dropped some more weight, and generally feeling stronger. The limiting factor has been my sleep, similar to several others it sounds like. Not getting regular rest has been leaving me a little worn sometimes lately. Todays WOD time was 24:??, which is an improvement by 10 minutes–totally cool!
    Sara–you are such a strong chicky! Get some rest, recover, and travel safe. I know you’ll have such a blast in Boston, can’t wait to hear all about it! Take care!
    BTW, Mountain View Fire Protection District (my peeps) is doing another hiring process for a fall academy. It will include EMT’s and Paramedics. Anyone interested please contact me, and check out the district web page–

  12. tiff :

    dan…loved that video. word. =)

  13. Cherie :

    Parisi just came out with a gluten free crust! Who want to go try it and see of we can Paleo it out?

  14. Sara,
    I miss you much! You´re amazing!
    For everbody else,
    After being really sick already twice in two and a half weeks, I´m finally moving around. I´ve done a couple of half WODS in Ecuador (though still coughing my brains out) and am starting to feel much better. Lost a bit of weight but all is well. I´ll make sure to get some pictures working out down here. In the mean time, I miss you all!

  15. Joylyn :

    As rx’d 24:33. after shift again.

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