Wednesday 180110

Back Squat

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Jen just doing what she loves to do with any of her spare time….. MTB!!!


#1 – What is your hometown? St. Petersburg, FL
#2 – What got you into CrossFit / Verve? Back in 2010, when I used to be an endurance athlete, I was running one night after work with some friends in Durham, NC, and I passed a CrossFit gym next to the brewery (because you drink beer after running several miles, you know?). I saw a bunch of people lifting heavy weights, slinging themselves all over the gym, and sprinting outside — the first thing I thought was that it looked like recess time for adults! So, I stopped in and inquired about trying a class, and then I proceeded to get hooked almost immediately. Thanks, CrossFit Durham!  I chose Verve because it was the first and only gym we tried after moving to Denver four years ago, and we immediately loved the level of coaching and the community had a great, welcoming vibe. 
#3 – What is your favorite workout/movement and why? Strict handstand push-ups, because I have short T-Rex arms and it’s one of the few gymnasty things I do well right now.
#4 – What is the dumbest way you’ve ever been injured? It was actually just the other week when I was doing kipping pull-ups on the kid’s bar during a WOD; I misjudged the movement of the bar from my kipping and slammed my face into the bar. This happened a week before my wedding, and I ended-up having a swollen bottom lip with teeth marks all the way through it. Good times. Fortunately, it healed well before the wedding!
#5 – What was the first CD you ever owned? TLC or MC Hammer. Stop with your judgement.
#6 – Favorite cheat meal? Pizza and beer. And doughnuts.
#7 – Who or where would you haunt if you were a ghost? (Clancy’s house is an acceptable answer!) I’d haunt the hell out of Erin, while wearing a Broncos jersey, because what would be more fun than to torment her Chiefs-loving arse?!


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