Wednesday 180207

For time:
Clean and Jerk 205#(145#)
Ring Muscle Up
*10 minute time cap

At the 10:00 mark,
Athletes have 10 minutes to find a
1 Rep max power clean and push jerk

Scores are time to complete part 1 or reps completed and Heaviest lift for part 2

Post results to comments or BTWB

Diona, Brandon and her beautiful yet squirmy kids!!


1 – WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Corvallis, Oregon 
2- HOW DID YOU GET INTO CROSSFIT? Two years ago I was looking for a change and I yelped the highest rated gym within the closest radius to me, hello Verve. I did my elements training with Courtney, sight unseen to knowing what CrossFit was. I  was equal parts terrified and in love so it seemed like a good thing to keep doing.   (glad you got hooked!!)
3- IF YOU COULD PROGRAM YOUR FAVORITE WORKOUT, WHAT WOULD IT INCLUDE? Running, double unders and box jump overs for the win! 
4- WHERE DO YOU HOPE TO VISIT ONE DAY? One of our family goals is to take a big trip every year. Lots of destinations on the list but more importantly just want our kids to see the world. 
5- WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST/WORST JOB YOU EVER HAD? I worked at a spa doing nails in college, so basically all the feet touching you can handle. 
6- IF YOU COULD INVITE 3 PEOPLE TO A DINNER PARTY, DEAD OR ALIVE, WHO WOULD THEY BE? Adele (for obvious reasons), Nadia Comaneci (because of my lifelong secret obsession with her/gymnastics), and Jennifer Lawrence because I feel like we should be friends. 

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