Wednesday 180214

Every 3 minutes x 7 sets:
2 Squat cleans


Back Squat 1 Set x max reps at heaviest Squat Clean weight

Post results to comments or BTWB

Well, it doesn’t get much cuter than this!!


#1 – Where were you born? Denver, CO … one of the few natives ūüôā
#2 – What / Who got you into CrossFit? My husband started doing CrossFit and I got so annoyed when he would come home and tell me about the workouts. After about a month of listening to him brag about how hard it was, I decided I had to check it out. I have not looked back since. (That’s usually how it always begins:))
#3 РIf you could program your favorite workout, what would it include? I typically like running, rope climbs and anything that involves gymnastics moves. Basically anything that does not have to do with the barbell and really heavy weight. 
#4 РWhere do you most hope to visit? Probably Japan, I mean skiing, hello kitty and fresh sushi. Does it get better then that?
#5 – What was your first/worst job you ever had? One time I got promoted to head of valet at a members only country club in Vail. Everyone drove really expensive cars and I can’t even drive my own car. To this day I am not sure how it happened, but needless to say I had to talk my boss into giving me a different job. Thankfully he let me do¬†merchandising¬†in the club house, where I got to talk about balls and¬†shafts¬†all day. I was way more in my¬†element.¬†
#6 РIf you could invite 3 people, dead or alive, to a dinner party, who would it be? Why? Spice Girls and Britney Spears circa 1997 (that counts as one person), Clay Mathews (not a Packers fan, but HELLO) and Mother Theresa.  Hopefully there are some dirty martinis at this party or it could get awkward.  (Pure Awesomeness!!)
-CrossFit Open skills session w/ Matt Chan – Saturday, February 17th from 9am – 12pm. Sign up in MindBody
-CrossFit Open Draft Party – Same Saturday!! 1p – 3p!


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