With a continuously running clock, do 1 pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.


The very next minute, do 1 push-up the first minute, two push-ups the second minute, three push-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Post number of minutes completed of each movement to comments.


Front squattin' can be so much fun – especially with elbows up and the bar resting on the shoulders.

So why no sugar substitutes?  Take for instance the dilemma of the diet soda.  Most diet sodas are calorie and carb free, caffinated, sweet and totally delicious (this can be debated).  At first glance, this sounds Zone perfect and a great alternative to that nasty water-stuff. 

Let's start with a very basic principle of the Zone – hormone regulation.  One of the primary benefits of Zoning is the hormone regulation that results from eating a low-glycemic balanced meal.  By controlling your carbohydrate intake and monitoring the glycemic impact of your carb choices, you limit the amount of insulin released by your pancreas.  This maintains a neutral to favorable insulin sensitivity (as opposed to insulin resistance) and circumvents excess carb storage as fat.

Enter the sweetner.  Sweetners are just that – sweet.  When your tongue tastes something sweet entering the mouth, it talks to the brain (specifically the hypothalamus) and says "Hey, here comes energy!"  The brain then says to the pancreas "Yo, dump some insulin because here comes glucose!"  And there it is – a big insulin dump, but all for nothing.  The body is now very confused and unable to effectively regulate insulin and all because of artificial sweetners. 


  1. Rich :

    Today was fun, I would have like to get a higher number on my pull ups though.
    Pull ups: 11 total, I hit 8 on the 12th minute before I ran out of time.
    Push Ups: 20 total, I hit 20 on the 21st minute, but collapsed on the last rep…

  2. tiffany :

    today WAS fun!!! 11 rounds pullups and my arms straight up gave out….so weird when you just hit that wall. 12 pushups…fought for 13, but couldn’t quite get that last one in. push ups are my nemesis. and my new daily cookie.

  3. jaRed :

    I like this WOD because it is very easy to compare your performance each time you do the ladder. Last time I did 15 pushups, this time I did 18. However, I know my form was much better this time, like actually hitting my chest on the ground. Happy with the pullups at 15 rds.
    Good to see Zac and Heather joining in the WOD this morning! Curious to see their results.

  4. Emmalee :

    Those that plan on doing the emerfit games… Does anyone wanna car pool ? Let me know!

  5. Anna :

    Hey Emmalee, Alan and I are going and car pooling would be great. We should make the plans.

  6. Matt :

    I wish I could go… its going to be a great day for Verve!
    WOD @ NMFR STA66
    Got lazy on 19th round of pull-ups.

  7. Joylyn :

    Mas and I are going to Emerfit this next weekend, we are down to carpool too! Where and when should we meet?

  8. Joylyn :

    9/16. Frustrated with pullups, I feel like I’m going backward on them. Pushups were much better though. Fun Sunday “posse” as Cherie mentioned.

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