Ten rounds for time

10 Dumbell hang squat cleans 40#/25#

10 Slapping push-ups

Check out the CF Headquarters Video of this WOD.

Post time to comments.


Tuesday morning in Commons Park.   Check out the height on Amy’s burpee, she looks like a super hero.  Amy and Jared thanks for joining us, great job on your first WOD.  Everyone else, strong deadlifts.

We have had many questions about alternate weather locations.  We don’t feel the need to torture anyone or ourselves.  If weather is looking like snow or rain, we will continue to use the garage gym on those days.  When this occurs, we will communicate with the individuals scheduled for classes.


  1. Athony :

    21:30. The slapping pushups were really tough

  2. cherie :

    Anthony, Yeah your alive.

  3. Matt :

    Anna 27:00 (parallette push ups)
    Way to go!!!
    Afterwards, we worked on snatch form.
    3×3 lightweight.

  4. Favero :

    Way to go guys on the new affiliate! Let us know when you are having you grand opening, so we can come shed some sweat at your new home.
    Crossfit Parker Fire

  5. cherie :

    Matt says you’re pretty fast. I challenge you to a best of three. You pick one, I pick one and we agree to one. What do you say?
    PS I have a tendency compete with strangers and get my ass kicked.

  6. Traumahawk :

    25:11 Felt like total DOOKIE! HORRIBLE DAY! Alone in a basement at work trying to get motivated. I would say Slap Pushups sucked….but then again, I hated the “Dumbell” Cleans just as much! Can’t wait to get back to the Kettlebells.

  7. Favero :

    Damn I like your guys style, sounds fun let’s do it. When does the box open? We might have to travel down to Parker for a little O-course.

  8. Matt :

    Times from today will be posted later.
    Allen, I think everyone felt pretty much the same about the CSPU’s. Its a super powerful movement that requires a ton of speed. Nice job.
    Favero, you and Cherie are going head to head? Oh shucks, its getting interesting. Sounds like one event is the Parker O-course… what are the other two?
    Off to the Level 2 cert in Golden tomorrow! See you guys on Saturday!

  9. cherie :

    Keep your fingers crossed we want to open in January, pending we find the right place.
    So O – course is the first, I’ll have to think about my pick.
    sounds fun we need to set a date and bring a video camera.
    Allen, I feel your pain…

  10. Favero :

    Not sure on the O-course, I’ll need to think about it a little more. Maybe just show up and pull some kind-of WOD out of a hat.

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