Snatch 80% of 1RM, 5 X 3 reps

Then, for max reps:

Double-unders for 2:00

Sit-ups for 2:00

Double-unders for 1:30

Sit-ups for 1:30

Double-unders for 1:00

Sit-ups for 1:00

Double-unders for :30

Sit-ups for :30

Post number of sit-ups and double-unders to comments.


Matt Johnson will be competing in the Colorado Open… are you?

What's all the fuss about these CrossFit Games-style competitions?  Is CrossFit even a sport?  Some people work harder and are able remain focused if they have a goal to shoot for.  By participating in competitions, you have an event that you must prepare yourself for – whether it's working on your weaknesses, or trying to complete the competition without scaling.  By setting goals and having a specific date to reach these goals, you are committed.  Plus, who doesn't love feeling like a competitive athlete again?!?


  1. Go Matt! You’re going to kick ass you beast!

  2. Derek :

    really enjoyed today’s workout, definitely more mental than physical challenge (not that it wasn’t physically hard) mentally working on good form in the snatch and not just moving weight and concentrating on getting those double unders down is frustrating. I learned today and got better in two areas that I am weak in and that is why I love Crossfit!

  3. Danimal :

    Me too Derek!

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