80% of 1RM

3 - 3 - 3

Five rounds of:

400m Run

15 Hang power snatch 45% of 1 RM

Post time and loads to comments.


Two block snack, from fridge to plate in five minutes.

How to win the zone/real food challenge, hint number one, plan ahead!  I know this seems obvious, but the minute you stop planning is the minute you stop setting yourself up for success.  Above is a delicious two block snack prepared and cooked in five minutes.  All veggies were cut and in the fridge and the meat was from left overs.

First, take the time to cut up all your veggies when you get them home from the market.  Trust me, this really saves you time and bad choices in the long run.  Not only your veggies but clean your fruit and put them in tupperware as well.  When you make a meal, make enough for at least two meals.  Save in fridge to be heated up when feeling lazy.  Additionally, when you cook meat, cook a truck load.  Have it ready at all times to throw in a quick stir fry like this one.


This meal was made at 9pm after a night at work.  Usually, the last thing I want to do at 9pm is cook.  Grabbing a quick (non zone) snack is so much easier however, not very filling.   But not this night, now I have a goal.  The food challenge is about to get underway and feeling better is no longer something to think about, it's something to take action and acquire.  It is time to stop playing around and get serious about your nutrition.

Late-Night-Lazy Stir Fry

0.75 cup of onion (.5 carb block)

1 cup of green pepper (.5 carb block)

1 cup of squash (.5 carb block)

2 cups of mushrooms (.5 carb block)

2 oz of cooked steak ( 2 protien blocks)

0.33 tsp of olive oil (1 fat block)

1 TBSP of no salt seasoning (no blocks)

3 almonds (1 fat block)

0.5 cup of black coffee (no blocks)

Throw everything but the almonds and coffee in a pan.  Stir for five minutes or until the meat is fully cooked.  Put on a dinner plate and add the almonds.  DONE! Eat it and enjoy your great choice for a 2 block snack/meal. 



  1. Joylyn :

    That looks yummy! Not to plug, but the Cuisinart food chopper has made our life much easier…we have a shelf of proteins, a shelf of carbs, etc.
    Hey I just wanted to say thanks for the couple’s therapy session last night (aka “Karen” with Mas and me being partners) as well as a kudos to Kim for coming back to finish the wod.
    Good luck to Courtney today at the Toughest Competitor Alive competition at the Police and Fire Games! I wish I wasn’t working so I could cheer you on in person. You’ll rock it woman, go show’em what you’re made of!

  2. Matt :

    Same… Go get em Courtney

  3. Catherine :

    Here ya go… This’ll put ya off the feed:
    4-year-old McD’s hamburger and fries looks almost like a brand new one. (found this via twitter)

  4. Cherie :

    Okay Catherine what is with Twitter? Matt is trying to get me to twitter gym updates. Why do we need this?

  5. Joylyn :

    Hey, I saw this recipe on one of my primal eating newsletters, thought it looked like a yummy change from the mashed cauliflower–and meatballs, always love those.
    Some pretty good recipes available on this site…although he does have a recent article about a primal wedding where the couple wore vibram five-fingers….don’t know if I’d quite go for that though.

  6. Catherine :

    Twitter is a microblogging platform (140 characters). People can search on certain words (called hashtags). They look like this –> #crossfit. This will bring up all tweets that mention crossfit. SO, that means if there is breaking news (like say #Iran) you can see (in real time) who is tweeting what. You can follow people (or organizations) too. I currently follow CrossFit Charlottesville just for the heck of it since my HQ for work is there. That’s how I knew they were opening and had just installed new pull-up bars. Anyway, social media is a great way to get your site visibility.
    You guys can tweet your blog posts and people who search on the #crossfit hashtag will see them. I also follow the main crossfit site as well since they twitter. Since you’ve now joined the iPhone revolution, you can do it from your phone :). I can show you how if you want. I find different things, some valuable and some not, associated to my interests by following people or outfits (CNN). Anyway, let me know and you can sign up and add it to your site. If you don’t have RSS feed, you might consider doing that as well so people can subscribe to your blog posts and get updated when you add a new post. This might get new members too.

  7. Catherine :

    OH and in the world of SEO (my job) it also helps with the trust factor. Trust is HUGE. If you don’t have trust, you don’t get editorial links (say one affiliate to another or a health site to your site). If people trust your content on your site, they’r likely to patronize your business. Just keep in mind that if you’re sharing your content with the masses you need to edit for errors. There is a site called that discusses how to best formulate content (a big deal for my company-we all blog) so as to attract the most readers and earn their trust.

  8. Catherine :

    One more thing (actually two). Tweetdeck is a great tool to monitor different areas of interest. I can tell you more about it if you want.
    To my peeps from the 4:30 class: You guys fucking ROCK! You knocked out that WOD and then helped me get mine done. Tim and Dan ran my last rep with me and I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!! Everybody is so damned encouraging-it’s just the best. You have no idea how awesome you are. I hope I can do for another, what you did for me (and have done before) by helping me through the last part. It’s super generous and really helpful. Today’s running was painful for me but you really got me through it. Thanks! 🙂

  9. tim m :

    Catherine you did awesome today. Great job pushing your self. That is why I love Verve because of the camaraderie we push each other.
    So I am very excited got my FIRST MUSCLE UP!! Just had to get the movement down and I was good.
    WOD 65# 15:32

  10. Catherine :

    That’s right! EXCELLENT job on the muscle up! That’s huge! I now understand how freakin’ huge that is. Very hard movement. Takes so much strength. Way to go :).

  11. Luke :

    Micro-blogging platform, of course. That’s exactly what I thought it was. Catherine, your description is in twitter-eze, so it pretty much went over my head.:) Someday I’ll join the 21st century and figure all this stuff out.
    Just wanted to give props to Courtney, and whoever is going to the Battle-Ready games. Have fun, play hard.
    Word to your mother.

  12. Elizabeth Huff :

    See Cat!? And you thought you didn’t know anything and weren’t an expert in your field. I can SHANANIGANS!!! I have no idea what you just said and it sounded smart!

  13. Elizabeth :

    Deads 205
    55lb hang clean with 533m run because that’s what they have at 24 hour completed in 19:55 with no puking! Almost though….

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