5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

200 Meter run

21 Kettlebell swings

12 Pull-ups

400 Meter run

75 Wallballs

400 Meter run

12 Pull-ups

21 Kettlebell swings

200 Meter run

15 Squats

10 Push-ups

5 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.


Toal getting stronger everyday!

We have two verdicts in from judges and are waiting on 3 more.  The judges have been putting in a lot of time into their choices.  This is going to be a close one.  We hope to announce the winners of the Paleo Challenge before the week is out.


Even with the challenge over the Chan house is still 95% Paleo, we could only live without beer for so long.  FYI, Matt's salad is only 1.5 blocks of carbs, yum yum.

Check out the fuel page for a new post from Amy's kitchen. 

What is it that keeps you coming in and giving it your all each week?  What motivates you while you are working out to go harder?  What brings you to the Verve door when you know the WOD is going to hurt?


  1. tony :

    Okay, first and foremost I am glad to see a beer in Matt’s hand, for a while I thought that you both might be cyborgs or something. As far as what keeps me walking through the door…it’s a few things: the great feel of your lungs physically hurting from breathing so hard, the desire to have a nice body that people comment on, the knowledge that we are able to do some serious shit that most of the population thinks is nuts, and finally the Chans- you are both great role models.

  2. Tiff :

    what keeps me coming in? it’s always different, always challenging. you can succeed so many times in so many different ways, and there’s ALWAYS a way to get stronger, faster, more mentally tough.
    what keeps me coming in? the people!! each individual inspiring me in so many different ways….trainers who push, teach, coach, yell, but are somehow cuddly like teddy bears at the same time, and peers who always have an interesting tidbit or hilarious story or who shout encouragement through sweat and tears and blood…
    what keeps me coming in? have you seen our gym? it’s like a giant playground…it’s hard to STOP playing!
    the personal challenge is always the motivator for me. i check out the wod, get my strategy going, give it some evil eyes, and get my game face on. the competition is great: always running to beat the clock, use the prescribed weight, do it better next time, beat cheresa (argh!!!) =) heh….
    …basically go faster, go harder.
    i love the ones where finishing is questionable…then and only then do i have to “woman up” and f-ing do it…even if i’m bawling like a baby at the end of it. so far, no wod has ever beat me…although it sure has kicked my ass then punched me in the face, then laughed and pointed while tossing some rubbing alcohol into my open hand wounds. even then, it’s a matter of pride to finish.
    other wods, i’m always vascillating between thinking about pacing and strategy and questioning if i need to go harder. usually at the end, i conclude…i shoulda gone harder… it’s that fine balance, finding maximum output that doesn’t result in an utter burnout/maxout/can’t move type of issue.
    the wod hurts…yeah. but then again, people grow the most when they’re uncomfortable. the wod strips me bare of any masks, anything i wish i was but i’m not, anything and everything…no one can finish my wod…only i can. the question is, “am i tough enough? how bad do i want it? how hard am i willing to push?” those are questions i ask myself everytime i walk through verve doors. my own personal challenge to myself. go faster. go harder.
    in the end, it’s the challenge, it’s the mental game, it’s leaving all the dull and draining details of life at the door and killing the wod with everything you’ve got in you. that’s why i love it.
    the full body high after ain’t bad either. πŸ˜‰

  3. Tamma the CF Hamma :

    Sorry for the super delayed response!
    You guys are awesome! Everyone! Thank you for all the kind and motivating words!
    I know its too late for the challenge but what measurements did we take for the paleo? I am curious for myself to know. It would be awesome if you guys could shoot me the before pics and previous measurements and I will shoot ya back a current photo and measurements too, if your curious.
    BTW I chose CF Santa Clara. So if ya want the insider knowledge, hit me up! I have been scaring him, I think he believes Matt is King Kong by now.

  4. Cherie :

    Tony – I am humbled.
    Tiffany – It’s interesting how we need things like CF to keep us feeling alive.
    I have a few reasons why I keep coming in. A big one is that it is something I can control. I can control my health and fitness. I can control what goes in my mounth and I can control how hard I work out. If I didn’t go in and get the WOD’s done at intensity it would be me saying I have control, but I’m not going to to take it. Lets leave my fitness to chance. I’m never going to be willing to do that.
    Hammer, though I doubt that Jaosn Kalipa is concerned about Matt, I would love to be a fly on the wall beacuse you crack my s**t up. I’ll send you your before if you send me your after. Deal?

  5. Alan :

    What keeps me coming in? Looking in the mirror and seeing the results! Nothing produces like CrossFit! Another that comes to mind are those little things everyday that you do that seem so much easier than before! Little things like running up a flight of stairs, lifting everyday objects at work etc. It is just addictive!
    I am riding on a bus somewhere between Milwaukee and Green Bay as I type this! I’ve already been to two Haunted Houses, and I’ll be at my third today before noon! Yet still I have CrossFit on my mind!
    Looks like a GREAT workout today! I really wish I was there for this one!

  6. Dan :

    Hamburgueasa?!?!?! oh man! I just ate one of those yesterday. haha. This WOD looks tuff!
    Tiff, I love your answer. You know, on top of all of that stuff you said, I think for me Crossfit satisfies Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘imp of the perverse’. Who else challenges themselves to such difficulty? And weΒ΄re all so much stronger because of it, mentally and physically.

  7. Doug :

    Simply put, the main reason I come in is for the results, not just what I see in the mirror but in the way I feel. The WOD’s that make me wonder if I can finish are my perverse favorites. Eventually, I hope to get to the point where I am trying to impress myself with how fast I finish, but for now, I can’t help but be completely content just to log another finished WOD.
    That’s why I do it, but more importantly, the reason I *enjoy* coming in, and even look forward to it, is because all of the trainers and everyone that comes into train makes it enjoyable- which is seriously saying something when you look at what we do to ourselves on a daily basis! I have seriously not met anyone at Verve whom I don’t enjoy being around- can you think of another random sampling of 50 or so people that you can say that about? Matt and Cherie, you have definitely built something to be proud of. It is a great environment. You are in the gym even when you aren’t- and it shows. Thank you.

  8. Joylyn :

    I love reading all the responses, I keep finding myself nodding my head in agreement. To keep it short and sweet since I’m working (because Lord knows that I could wax on and on about CFV):
    I keep coming in to workout each week because I feel better, I look better, and my performance improves. That is results for me.
    Working out with Crossfit is different everyday, not boring, lots of play, and challenges me EVERY day–physically and mentally. The friendly competition is great, but I’m my own worst enemy or biggest encouragement. Sometimes the victory can be a quick time or max reps, but then the next day the biggest victory may be simply finishing the WOD (definitely been there). It’s the same struggles and triumphs that we face each day of life, and being able to persevere through them at Crossfit spills over for me. A great thought I remember is, “Bite off more than you can chew. Then chew it.”
    As for the Verve, I’m continually impressed and so thankful each day, for the knowledgeable, genuine, fun people who are my peers, friends, and trainers. You all make me laugh every day, so you’ve got me. That’s a big reason how Mas got me too, so you could say it–“Verve, you had me at hello!”

  9. Joylyn :

    ps. Zac, this workout looks super crazy. Hope to get a chance to do it when not at work sometime. Is tomorrow gonna be dessert? Howabout a margarita to go with it?

  10. Emily :

    What gets me coming to Crossfit is that I never thought that I could do anything like this ever before in my life. I’ve never worked out before and always dreamed of having muscles and a body to feel proud of – but never knew how to get there. Now I totally realize that this dream is absolutely attainable and that it takes incredible strength of all kinds to get there. I can see now that I have the strengths that I speak of! These newfound strengths come with me when I leave the Crossfit gym and have integrated into all aspects of my life in so many ways already. Crossfit has forever made an impact on me and I’ll never abandon my body again. I think what made Crossfit work for me in the first place(and continues to work for me)is that it is FUN!! Never boring, always new, we’re held accountable if we don’t show up, we’re challenged by trainers according to our unique body and experience, we’re loved up, nurtured and applauded by traineres and fellow athletes alike. And another thing that got me at first glance was seeing the VERVE members working out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes! Totally awesome.

  11. Luke :

    Because of how I feel afterwards. Take today. Before I came in for the 4:30 class, I was feeling sluggish and weak. After? Wide, wide awake. I was alive, and ready for my day, which is odd, because you wouldn’t think that a workout as vigorous as Hamberguesa would leave you with any energy. Nonetheless, it invigorated me, as do all the WOD’s. And I also have to echo the sentiments about the results we see. I havn’t found anything better. Lastly, it’s very nice to be inspired by people. I get countless opportunities to do so at a Crossfit gym. The people working out around me, and the people I train make me want to go harder, faster, ect. Please, please don’t stop doing what you do. Word to your mother. πŸ™‚

  12. James :

    In the immortal words of the Bard, Kanye West, “th-that don’t kill me/ can only make me stronger/. I need you to hurry up now/cause I can’t wait much longer.”
    Seriously, it’s you people who get me through that door. I love the team support aspect of the WOD.. Where else can you go where the guy next to you wants you to set a PR and wants to kick your ass at the same time?

  13. Holly :

    All I can do is sit here and nod with agreement with everything that everyone else has said. I never thought that Crossfit could become an addiction for me, but it is quickly becoming just that.
    I find myself getting to work every day just to look at the site to today’s WOD. I then spend the rest of the day pumping myself up and convincing myself that I will get through it. haha.
    Day’s like “Hamburguesa” are the days that I completely challenge myself both mentally and physically. I too was feeling very sluggish yesterday, but when I walked out of Verve, I felt completely refreshed…and tired….and energized- all in one.
    I can’t pass up that feeling and the challenges that I have to overcome to get there. I am inspired by each and every one of you and all of the successes around me. You guys make me strive to be bigger, better, faster more! I also love the team atmosphere and that there is always someone to cheer you on through the blood, sweat and tears! πŸ™‚

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