Five rounds for time:

15 Hang squat cleans 95# (65#)

400m Run

Post time to comments.

Alan put together a fun video of the Verve athletes at the Emerfit Games in Fort Collins.  Thanks Alan, it’s great to see everyone workin’ it!! 

Continuing with this week’s theme of nutrition, we’d like to reintroduce an old friend.  Your parents had one and they used it religiously.  Your grandparents had one and they handed it down to your parents.  Why the heck don’t you have one?

The modern food processor is an appliance made from magic.  From the minute you take it out of its box, it improves your life by cutting food preparation time by 90%.  Aren’t you sick of standing in front of a cutting board for 20 minutes chopping, dicing, slicing…?  You can puree fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and other seafood.  You can chop nuts and even make almond and other nut butters.  The options are endless and super fast.

Next time you’re at Costco, check out their Cuisinart food processor.  It’s a little spendy, but the quality of the parts and size of the container make it worth the extra buck.  I’m not trying to come across as a salesman, I’m just in love with food processors.  Next on the list – dehydrators.


  1. tiffany :

    sweet video, alan! thanks for putting that together!

  2. Awesome video Alan! We had a blast and are looking forward to Emerfit Games II. Good luck to everyone at Regionals. See you there.

  3. Oh man! I love this video (good music too). I so wish I was there to do this with everybody! Great job to all who participated!!!

  4. Sara Weisbart :

    Man, all you guys look SOOOOO good!!! Awesome video! Love it.

  5. Matt :

    Yesterday’s WOD:
    1000m – 3:10.2
    500m – 1:34.7
    250m – 46.9
    All done with 3 minutes rest on damper 7. Ooooh damn I wanted to quit after the 1000m.
    I wish I could be there for today’s WOD, I would like to redeem my sorry a$$ finish on “Badger”. Go hard!

  6. Emmalee :

    thanks for the video alan!

  7. Amy Schaeffer :

    Sweet video Alan! And thanks to everyone at the 8 am WOD for keeping me motivated. Ververs rock!

  8. Luke :

    I subbed 50 double-unders for running because i loathe running on the treadmill. 15:30.

  9. Joylyn :

    The video is awesome Alan, thank you!

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