For time:

10 Hang squat snatch, 95# (65#)

50 Pull-ups

10 Hang squat snatch, 95# (65#)

50 Push-ups

10 Hang squat snatch, 95# (65#)

50 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.


Welcome Tim as a new memeber of the Verve family.

First and foremost, I'd like to congratulate each of you who have shifted your nutritional habits to a more postive light.  The Paleo Challenge was implemented at CrossFit Verve with just that intention.  We knew that certain people would buy in 100% right from the start, see the benefits, and see this thing through to the bitter end without issue.  We also knew that others would take a little more convincing.

There are several of you (you know who you are) that are on the fence, leaning towards committing yourself to the Paleo Challenge for the rest of the 4+ weeks.  I encourage you to make your intentions known among your peers by posting a comment stating such.  We'd like you to do this for two reasons: 1) you are committing yourself in a very public manner, thereby taking action from the moment you post and 2) you will receive the support of the community that has already been doing it for 2 weeks.  They can help with recipes, questions or concerns, or even cooking help.

So if you've been on the fence and ready to take the plunge, let us all know about it.   The good, the bad and the ugly.

The Paleo kits are in.  If you ordered some or not, come and get em.  Also another new post in the fuel section.  Check out the Paleo pancakes.


  1. TmRMaNsR :

    I am def sticking with Paleo. So far everything you guys have recommended for me has worked GREAT! For those of you who dont know, I am doing Paleo Zone. However, I cut back on the fats big time b/c I didnt like how it made me feel. 2 Days after I cut back on the fats, I felt alot more energy throughout the day and in my workouts. I also only do 5 blocks of carbs a day to promote weight loss (30lbs lost since 2/11 as of yesturday, the least I have weighted in 9 years WOOHOO)
    Beyond that, the biggest hurdle for me is getting bored with eating the same foods (Egss & Deli Turkey,Egss & Deli Turkey). But with the help of the recipes you guys have been telling me about I am back on track this week.
    For Matt and Cherie, (since I dont really voice my opinion much LOL) I love the idea of Paleo! Especially the way you showed me how to link it with the Zone. I have not cheated either, as others have mentioned, not even a piece of gum. My only fall-out was, I didnt eat enough last week and it showed in the gym and on the scale(only 1 lb). I am glad I stumbled upon Crossfit and more importantly, YOU GUYS! Never once have you made me feel out of place or behind the pack. (Even last night when I pancaked on the 24″ boxes 3 TIMES!) So Thank You!

  2. TmRMaNsR :

    And Tim! Your an Animal Man! You can throw some serious weights! Have you done crossfit before? If not, man you picked it up quick! Glad to workout with you!

  3. Amy Schaeffer :

    Tammer, YOu are so positive and perverted, it is awesome!!! I am proud of how well you are doing with CF and Paleo and everything!
    And I am with you regarding Matt and Cherie- our community would be nothing without them. Sure, we would still get a good work out since it is impossible not to doing CF, but it would not be as fun, supportive, or entertaining without them.

  4. lil :

    I’m on day one of Paleo…I’m even drinking black coffee. Ick. I’m going to give it a try. And hopefully work out more often. Those are my big aspirations for now…work out and paleo…seems to be working well for lots of folks at the Verve.

  5. Anna :

    Yeah for new feb. pics, all ya’ll lookin good!!! Keep up the great work.

  6. Elizabeth Huff :

    Okay, so I have to give Matt some props today. Even though I totally love Matt, Cherie, and Anthony, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about them… The Snatchin’ on Sunday clinic was awesome! It showed in today’s workout. My time was 19:13?; not bad considering how tired I was… But the snatch clinic completely improved my technique. This workout was much easier because I knew what I was doing and could throw a crapload of weight over my head quickly. On a good night’s sleep, I think I could dominate a snatch workout. Next time we have a snatch clinic, peeps should sign up! Matt did a great job teaching it, and really worked on getting the muscle memory dailed in.

  7. Joylyn :

    Late WOD after work. These squat snatches were challenging but fun. 23:09 as rx’d.

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