7 Rounds for time:

11 Kettlebell swings 53#/35#

9 Knees to elbows (on rings)

Post time and thoughts to comments.


Congrats to Ben on getting his first muscle-up, and then linking 3 more!

Stress, is a major contributer in undermining our training and nutrition.  Hormones released under stress have been proven to significantly decrease the bodies immune system response (increasing heart disease), as well as decrease pituitary gland production of growth hormone (very important for our sore muscles and desire for increased performance).   The biggest "stresses" are not the catastrophic events in life, but rather the everyday annoyances; the dropped coffee, long line, or a unpleasant interaction. 

Research has identified "hardiness" as key personality trait in mitigating the physiological effects of stress.  Hardiness is defined as having a sense of control, commitment and challenge

How do you manage stress?


  1. Danimal :

    BEN!!!! Nice job man… well done!
    I combat stress by doing 7 rounds for time of kettle bell swings and knees to elbows. 😀 Seriously though, when doing crossfit, its like the rest of life gets the volume turned down. (movie ref)

  2. Kiley :

    Yea Ben!!! Thats so cool you go a muscle-up! — Amy enjoy your rest day.

  3. Emmalee :

    I combat stress by keeping busy. Sounds crazy, but the busier I am with the good things in life; I tend to not occupy my time with stress. All else fails a really intense workout will do the trick.

  4. Matt :

    I combat stress at CFV… make it hurt and the stress rolls off your back.

  5. Anna :

    Holy crap, my shoulders are so sore from today. Way to go Ben on your muscle ups, those are so hard. Hey Cherie, I did not get that pic of us from yesterday, could you resend it?

  6. JaRed :

    Stress, I just go smoke a bowl… j/k
    I like to work smart when I get stressed or overwhelmed. I try to see things clearer like a tiger might see its prey in the jungle from hundreds of feet away. If I am in a state of frustration, I have to try harder to find my focus and a piece of reality that is grounding, like a difference in perspective. By being able to slow down, analyze, communicate, and maintain focus, stressful situations can become accomplishments.
    If the problem that is bugging you today goes away, which one would you pick to fill the empty space? You will always have stress and you don’t always get to choose what happens in your life. HOWEVER, you always have the freedom to choose, who it is that you get to “be”, IN THE FACE of any situation. “Be” in the sense of how your personality reflects on the world. “Being playful”, “Being present”, or just “Being”. Some of the most grounded people I know can laugh when the coffee cup spills – to me, that’s powerful!
    If all else fails, I drive my Mini like I stole it. 6-gears of magical “F-you” on any road. Whhhheeeeeee!!!

  7. JaRed :

    Congrats on the muscle ups Ben! Way to be a stud!
    Great job on the WOD today Danimal!

  8. WOD
    Joylyn 7:50
    Mas 8:19
    Kiley 6:37
    Cheresa 8:48
    Alan 7:12
    Anna 10:22 (44# KB!)
    Dan 4:38
    Cherie 7:40 (44# KB!)
    Anthony 5:21
    Stef 9:27
    James 10:01
    Kristen 10:01
    Joei 7:42 (1st rnd. 35#, dropped to 26#)
    Jen 10:24
    Great Job Today Everyone! Great Intensity. Anna and Cherie bumping the weight higher than prescribed was pretty crazy; way to push yourselves.

  9. Matt :

    NMFR STA64
    Matt 7:07
    I’m not sure how you guys did it so fast??? Nice job!

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