5 Rounds for time:

15 Deadlifts 135# (95#)

12 Hang power cleans 135# (95#)

9 Front squats 135# (95#)

6 Push jerks 135# (95#)

Post time to comments.


Daniel and Amy working hard.

So month one has come and gone.  We are glad to say that we have made some significant headway in the search for CrossFit Verve’s landing pad.  We’re not going to say peep until we are 100%, but we feel like we should know something for sure by the end of the week. 

What’s more important is that we have been blessed with excellent weather.  Let’s keep the good mojo flowing and keep working out hard.  I’m proud to say that EVERY one of you are making great progress.  We’re proud to train such an enthusiastic bunch of athletes.  Believe it – you are athletes.  You are training like athletes, eating like athletes, and thinking like athletes.  Its a good feeling isn’t it?!?


  1. Matt :

    “Baseline” + 400m run:
    Mas 8:49
    Joylyn 9:49
    Strong showing guys. We hope to see you soon!

  2. You guys are killing it! Thanks for the post. I need your logo to link.
    Johnny Knox

  3. Matt :

    11/19 WOD
    Kristin 21:17 (55#)
    Mike 22:42 (65#, 4 rounds (did a 5th with heavier weight NFT))
    Ben 27:47 (95#)
    Emmalee 17:22 (55#)
    Elements #3
    5 rds: 5 ball cleans 12#, 5 push-ups:
    Cass 6:40
    Elements #4
    Joei 11:59 (35#, green band)

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