Wednesday 091216

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

10 Thrusters, 65#/45#
10 Pull-ups
Post rounds and fractions to comments.
Play time is skill development time without the risk of failure.

Keeping Your Head in the Game

Longer duration WOD's require a level of commitment that short duration WOD's do not.  Sure there's the physical aspect of muscular fatigue and endurance, but what about what's going on in your dome?  At minute 12 of "Cindy", everyone begins to question themselves and their training.  "Can I do this?  I've still got 8 minutes left.  Can I keep up this pace?  I wonder if the trainers will notice if I leave?"  We've all been there. 

But what do you do to keep your head in the game?  Post thoughts to comments. 


  1. Amy Schaeffer :

    I keep going because if I stop I am scared of what Cherie will do to me.
    Check it:

  2. Jeff "CueBall" McDowell :

    Amy, I would be too! I still hear her yellin at me to pick up the bar on the other side of the world!
    As for my mindset, I’ve found that if I look past anything besides the rep at hand, I let my mind play tricks and psych me out. So I focus on form with speed.
    In the last 3 days, I ran a 10K in 46:08 in high wind (loved that I had to fight for speed), 5 Rds for time 5 DL 275# (I did 225#) 10 Burpees in 6:46 and today was 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Split Jerk with a PR of 185#!
    I’ve been inspired by the coaches last weekend and pending an opportunity in the Marines, I’ve started to train for Aromas 2011!

  3. Jack :

    Quiting is not an option.

  4. Emmalee :

    the good ol’ saying of “you can do anything for 8 more minutes”, you can do anything for 20 minutes. If it’s only 8 left it’s more than half over time to push it hard.

  5. Ben :

    White Zombie

  6. robyn :

    I like to tell myself that I can do anything for a certain amount of time, or reps , or whatever the WOD may be and that it will not kill me to push a little harder.
    Dang I wish I could make it tonight, but it’s day 5 and I really should rest. Looks like a fun one.

  7. luke :

    Every rep becomes a victory, so I focus on every singular movement, or set. I try to convince myself to keep moving when my body is telling me “stop, please.”

  8. stef :

    I’m with the top few comments… Cherie is often in my head. And then, I keep reminding myself quitting is not an option.
    Or, I go here: (scroll to WODs – Nasty Girls)… HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!
    Zac’s old gym, right? 🙂

  9. James :

    I ask myself, WWTMCD?
    What Would The Matt Chan Do?

  10. Haha James!
    Quitting is definitely not an option. I do it for me and to change my body, first and foremost. And because I’m seeing results and feeling SO much stronger than I ever have.
    But I also cherish the respect of my fellow CrossFitters. I don’t want to ever have my peeps think of me as a quitter or that I didn’t give something my all. If I feel like that, I make sure to make up for it either right away or in my very next WOD.
    During a WOD, if I have a question in my mind about my reps (as in, I lost track or my form sucked) I will do more, even if it’s just one more.
    With that said, I kinda wanted to hurl for a moment today. Let’s make up for it at tonight’s 7:30 strength WOD! Whoop!

  11. Donna :

    Knowing that it will all be over soon.
    On another note, thought I’d share this NY Times article.

  12. Joshua Grimm :

    Funny you should ask such a question–I was asking myself that this morning. I was still sore from Diane and tired from a 13 hour work day yesterday and I had to complete my WOD early this morning. twas a bith to complete but I knew if I did not push my hardest I would not get any better.

  13. Joylyn :

    To keep my head in the game….I try and push everything else around me out, focus on my movement/form/rep at hand….and when in doubt–remember I can’t always trust my head, but go to my heart, which is always stronger than I think.

  14. Matt :

    I almost lost my head… I had checked out from the WOD. After too many days in a row, too many strength WOD’s, too many… excuses – at minute 8 today, I looked at Zac and told him I was done. He looked at me like “whaaaa”. I continued after wandering around the gym for a minute. Brain still turned off, body doing work.
    The brain quits long before the body will.
    15 rds, C2B
    Oh, and what keeps me going? Pat Burke wouldn’t quit. Ain’t that right Pat?

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