On the three minute interval, complete five rounds for time of:

Run 400m

Last done 11.04.08

Post individual time to comments.


Tom, aka Flip, killing it in today's WOD.  Tom we are truly impressed with the heart you pour in to the WOD's everyday.  Keep it up.

Cookie: 10 consecutive overhead squats for max load.


  1. Tom :

    Thanks for your kind words. showing this picture with my gut hanging out inspires me pour even more heart into it!

  2. Mas :

    Tom–no worries, I was in the same boat a few months ago. Matt, Cherie, and Anthony will help you remedy this issue, as they are for me. Keep up the strong work!

  3. Alan :

    Tom…REMEMBER THESE WORDS….Stick with Verve, and YOU WILL LOOK BACK AT THIS PICTURE AND SMILE!!!! It has happened to MANY around here! And best of all…it will happen faster than you know!

  4. anthony :

    Mark 132,136,138,140,135
    Doug 126,151,213,213,204
    Tom M 131,135,137,137,135
    Emily 205,218,218,215,211
    Alan 129,125,127,134,121
    Anna 143,145,155,200,157
    Jake 146,139,146,150,147
    Chelsea 150,153,158,158,150
    Joylyn 150,153,158,200,155
    Flip 144,145,144,143,141
    Stef 147,141,144,146,138
    Mas 138,133,142,143,141
    Mike C 146,131,140,149,146
    Lisa 159,156,202,205,205
    Sherry 314,313,314,304,306 (1 minute intervals)
    Erin 146,148,152,151,151
    Melissa 136,140,144,145,145
    2rnds 300m row, 20 wallballs
    Tammer 11:45
    Cookie: Max Load of ten consecutive reps OHS
    Tom 135
    Doug 75
    Anna 100
    Chelsea 45
    Alan 75
    Joylyn 85
    Mas 155
    Mike 115
    Stef 40
    Lisa 35
    Way to push yourselves today guys; nice day to do a little running.

  5. Matt :

    Nice job with the OHS guys! No easy task after some interval running.

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