For time:

100 Squats

30 Box jumps, 24" (20")

30 Kettlebell swings, 53# (35#)

30 Sit ups (unanchored, hands at sides)

30 Power cleans, 65# (45#)

30 Burpees

30 Wall balls, 20# (15#)

800m Run

Post time to comments.


Jake doing doing C&J's during Sunday's WOD.

Having a bad day and working out is the last thing you want to think about?  That's when you need it most.  Come in and get your ass handed to you in the form of constantly varied, high intensity functional movements.  Not only will you leave riding an endorphin buzz (which is quite similar to opiates in their ability to produce a sense of well being), but you'll also be surrounded by a community of friends and athletes who gladly lighten your day.  Schedule a WOD at the last minute by calling us… not by emailing (we're training the community mentioned above).


  1. Matt :

    This looks like a pu pu platter, eh?!? Every dish looks delectable (sp?).

  2. JaRed :

    Very glad today is a rest for me.

  3. Amy :

    I am with Jared…however, I feel like tomorrow’s WOD will be just as hard.

  4. Jen :

    Hurray for rest days!!! Pu pu platter?? Looks like torture to me. The “good mornings” have my hamstrings screaming!!!

  5. Liz :

    Thanks Alan for running with us. My husband is very grateful that you made sure we all returned safely.

  6. Alan :

    Hey, no worries Liz…It was a good chance to run with a few different people, and a good cool down! Probably better for me anyways then laying down immediately after a heart rate of 170!!!! LOL

  7. Matt :

    Mas 20:23
    Mike 23:44
    Steve 24:46 (small nature break)
    Cheresa 18:56
    Erin 20:01
    Emmalee 21:43
    Ben 20:15
    Matt 13:56
    Luke 16:33
    Anthony 16:24
    Elizabeth 28:14 (knee burpees)
    Alan 18:50
    Anna 22:12
    Steff 21:29 (10# ball)
    Liz 27:20 (knee burpees, 10#, 12kg)
    Kristin 23:42 (12#)
    Elements #1
    4rds: 400m row, 25 wall balls (10#)
    Nicole 22:11
    Tiffany 17:20
    Elements #3
    AMRAP in 10min: 10 ball cleans, 10 burpees
    Britt 4 (10#)
    Emily 3.5 (15#)
    Elements #4
    Lisa 8:40 (20#, 2 bands)
    Congrats on finishing the Elements Lisa. We look forward to seeing you at the WOD on Friday!
    Everyone else, great job – today was a good WOD. It was also surprisingly hard… damn burpees. See you tomorrow!

  8. stef :

    Last night ROCKED!!! In the sort of way where I wasn’t able to think about eating for a bit! Glad the ‘mother love’ of death camp (thanks Amy – shout out to Cherie) was back and kicking our asses, yet again!

  9. James :

    23:36, subbed 20″ box jumps, 35# dumbell power cleans and 20# dumbell thrusters for wall balls.

  10. James :

    I forgot the “ow”.

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