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150 Burpees

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Today’s WOD is to be done at home, since we don’t have any classes scheduled for today.  We’ll be back on Thursday, so you can either treat today as a rest day or you can get your burpee on. 

This workout is just one of many workouts that can be done at home or on the road.  If you’re interested in a full list of WOD’s that can be done on your own without any equipment, please email us.

So the 15th of November marks our first full month of being a CrossFit affiliate.  We are going to celebrate this occasion by asking each of our members to create a workout that they can name.  Please submit this to us by the 15th (next Saturday).  I’m not promising that your workout will be exactly as requested, but all of the elements will be there with a possibility of a couple of tweaks.  Your WOD can be movements that you love or hate doing (or love to hate doing)…  I can’t wait to see what pops up.


  1. Shyla :

    Bill and I will be there for sure on Saturday to smoke ya!!! ha ha No chance, but it will be fun tryin! We are having a free open gym Sat morn, then we meet you at the Park.I would love for you and Matt to get a free minute to sneak down and check out our space. You are welcome anytime.
    We are setting up 2 O-lift stations in the garage next to us… Hoping to have it down by the end of next week! For the next 3 Sat a.m. we will be hosting community free wod’s at our place- hoping to spark some new interest 🙂
    See you soon girl

  2. Matt :

    Let’s break in those platforms. Say when and we’ll make the trip down. Look forard to seeing you Saturday.

  3. Kristin :

    Kristin 14:43 (knees)

  4. Matt :

    Kristin, glad to hear you are going to be around CFV!!! Can’t wait to see you – hope all is well. Nice job on the burpees.
    NMFR STA64
    Matt 10:39
    Woody 17:41
    May 20:03
    Daws 25:58
    So tough! I commend anyone who gave this one a shot. It wasn’t easy.

  5. Ben Freedman :


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