"She’s Smitten"

Three rounds for time:

Run 800m

20 Wall balls 20# (12#)

10 Deadlifts 135# (95#)

Post time to comments.

Know what you eat: Nutrition Data.  Though not entirely comprehensive, the Nutrition Data site provides tons of great information from nutritional content to glycemic load to fullness factor.  It’s another tool to add to the toolbox to get you on track to making better dietary choices. 

Give us a shout if you want more information on eating choices and habits.  CrossFit Verve is concerned about your health and fitness – and nutrition is the foundation of fitness!

Sarah practices her handstand push ups with some new bands.



  1. Matt :

    Hilarious Sarah! Nice job on the workout, I heard you guys did well. POST TIMES!!!!

  2. Cherie :

    Fun workout guys, thanks for the inspiration Sarah

  3. Sarah :

    What’s so funny, Matt? It was a fun time, but we missed you! We’ll see you next time- maybe I’ll be in better shape by then.

  4. Matt :

    Stop by anytime. I’d like to head up there once more before the snow falls. We should plan a taco and mojito night.

  5. Matt :

    3 rounds for time:
    400m run
    15 wall balls 20# (12#)
    20 KB SDHP 35# (25#)
    Anna: 13:52
    Alan: 11:19
    Nice job guys!

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