For Time:

50 Double unders

45 Overhead squats 45#(33#)

45 Sit-ups

30 Overhead squats 45#(33#)

30 Sit-ups

15 Overhead squats 45#(33#)

15 Sit-ups

50 Double unders

Tom's birthday WOD.  Happy birthday Tom.

Post time to comments.

Tom in New Zealand with 40+ mile and hour winds.  every time he extended his arms the board flew away

We are hosting a nutrition workshop this Sunday the 18th at 1pm.  Nutrition is a huge part of becoming fit and healthy, without paying attention to what's going in, you will not reap the full benefits of the CrossFit program, period.  So come join us while we talk about; the Paleolithic diet, the zone diet, insulin resistance, auto immune disease, syndrome X, meal planning, how to eat out, optimizing your performance and health, and much much more. 

The nutrition workshop is free to CrossFit Verve members and $20 to non-members.  come one come all, because the more the merrier.  If it's been a while since you've done a nutrition, feel free to come again, we've added and improved.

Want to get started before Sunday?  Log your food for three days prior to the workshop, eat lean meats, nuts and seeds, vegetables, some fruit, little starch, no sugar, and experiment with how that makes you feel.  See you Sunday.


  1. Elizabeth :

    This workout looks like so much fun and I have to miss it! Enjoy all! Happy birthday Tom!

  2. Matt :

    Happy birthday Tom!
    @STA 64
    “elizabeth” rx’d (squat cleans) 4:36

  3. Great workout! Though I still pretty much suck at DUs. I’m getting closer to getting them though! It’s hard for me to keep track of counting so many SUs as equal to one DU while also counting the DU attempts. PFFT!
    I guess the solution is to master the DU.
    Happy Birthday Tom!

  4. stef :

    Happy birthday! Geesh, there really are a LOT of October bdays. Holler 🙂

  5. An interesting read about some who are worried about CrossFit (and kind of angry haters apparently.)

  6. Mas :

    Happy Birthday Tom!
    The little red spot on the recent visitors map in New Zealand is us!! We survived our 14 hour flight with 2 paleo/zone meals and all the free liquor we could drink. And we still can’t get away from this website.
    We are going to do a WOD at CF New Zealand tomorrow and hopefully CF Auckland on Sat. We are also going to take in a rugby game this weekend. Should be fun!!
    Miss you all, keep tearing it up. Here’s to kangaroo burpees, and overhead squatting koalas.
    Mas and Joylyn
    P.S. it is Thursday afternoon here…Where is the new post?;)

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