Shoulder press 80% of 1RM, 3×3 reps

Then, "Diane"

Three rounds, 21 – 15 – 9 for time of:

Deadlift, 225#/150# (40-50% 1RM)

Handstand push-ups

Post time to comments.


Cherie "encouraging" Anna during the day two WOD at the Colorado Open.

A compromise…

Our program trains athletes in ten capacities: cardio/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance. Reading these ten physical traits of fitness, you may think to yourself "I could stand some work on…"  This deficiency in all-encompassing fitness may seem rather unimportant, but I beg you to reconsider.  Think for a moment about our friends over in the Middle East (Rich, Jeff).  If they have deficiency in any one skill, let's call it… stamina… what are the consequences of their deficiency?  Injury, mission, life?

You see, we don't aim to have an excess of any one or two skills, rather our goal is a general capacity at all ten skills.  It's fine and dandy that a powerlifter is able to back squat 1000# or that a runner has a 16:00 5k.  But the fitness we seek is a compromise of all ten skills – an athlete with a 450# back squat and a 19:00 5k. 

We all have chinks in our fitness, but I challenge you to face your weaknesses as an opportunity to develop a more well-rounded fitness.  Make a list of your weakest movements and dedicate 10 minutes a day (or more) to making yourself more comfortable with one of those movements.


  1. Danimal :

    Double unders… I didn’t think it was my weakness but then I found out it was. That and flexibility.

  2. Catherine :

    Mother effin burpees, DUs, static PUs, real push-ups, let’s see… SQUATTING deep enough! I will get you oh sweet exercises! You will not defeat me!

  3. Sara Weisbart :

    My list:
    1. Double unders
    2. Double unders (seriously)
    3. Wall ball shots (with the 15lbs ball)
    4. Hand stand push ups
    5. Ring dips
    6. Muscle-ups
    7. Kettlebell snatches
    8. Shoulder press
    9. Squat snatches
    haha, okay maybe a little lengthy! But these are all the movements I want to work on. Especially double unders. The competition this weekend really highlighted my poor form on those! Anyway, it’s actually nice to have a list of things to work on. I told Matt I’m going to work on double unders instead of running around the block every day during warm up. Hopefully this will help!
    On another note, I wanted to express how much fun I had this past weekend. I think i was a little bashful to comment after Tiffany’s extremely eloquent post. However, I can’t explain how good it feels to be part of a team again. I used to play soccer during middle school and high school. I was never very competitive and never above average within the teams I was a part of. Most of the reason why I loved playing soccer was being part of a team and being active…but I really was never very good at it. I remember barely being able to run 10 minute miles during try-outs. After about 8 months of crossfit, I was able to run the 1000m in 3:45 this weekend, and a 400m in 1:25. So, not only has Crossfit Verve greatly improved my fitness level, strength, and endurance, but it has provided me once again with a team to be a part of. This weekend provided that incredible feeling of being a part of something so meaningful and important; a team. Thank you to all of you who came to watch and the rest of the Verve members who were at home rooting for us! Thank you to Anna, Tiff, Emmalee, Dan, Jack, Gerson, Matt, for putting forward amazing effort and fully representing Team Verve! And thank you to Matt and Cherie for being there to coach us and cheer us on! You two are the roots of it all! GOOOOO TEAM! 🙂

  4. HSPU’s, situps, pistols, and RUNNING! I plan on making these strengths before May of next year.
    Cherie and I are game for carpooling to boulder for the Cordain lecture.
    See ya in the am

  5. derek :

    what an awesome post, it is exactly what I think of when I think of Crossfit, making yourself improve overall, not just being strong, or a great runner or gymnast but being the best you can at all of them.
    If I were to rank what I need the most work on I would say
    dealing with old injuries not let them hold me back in the future
    power (speed and strength)
    Today’s WOD was tough but awesome. Zac’s cool and relaxed attitude was especially helpful today

  6. Tiff :

    SARA! word. i couldnt agree more! it definitely makes my life more full than before…i love our team! =)
    ok, my weaknesses…i think right now i would say:
    -cardio endurance
    -stamina (after my dismal showing in the 5 round wods this wkd)
    specific movements:
    -ring dips
    -push ups (stamina)
    -handstand push ups (get them)
    -wall balls
    -snatches (stamina and keep hands on bar) =)
    -running (get faster)
    -c2b pullups
    another area i really lack is the confidence in my own body to do these things. more practice will also = more confidence.
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

  7. Jack :

    Three things I can improve upon over 4 weeks:
    1. Setting a good back
    2. Breathing through a work out and developing a correct pace
    3. Time management to meet my dietary needs (as it pertains to balancing 40+ hrs of work, crossfit, and school)
    Any quick meals, restaurants, or solutions anyone has for zone meals would be much appreciated!!!!
    Additionally, the 6AM was full today! What was that!?!?

  8. Holly :

    I think the biggest thing for me is not letting my mind fail. Yesterday was the perfect example. I stood there with Leslie and tried to convince myself that getting 30 burpees out in 4 minutes was just plain not possible and therefore should get ready to do the alternate workout. However, after the second round there was a shift in my thinking and I started looking at what I had accomplished rather than what I couldnt accomplish. And, I finished! 🙂
    1. positive thinking rather than defeat
    2. running
    3. rowing
    4. all around stamina
    5. burpees!
    6. overhead anything!

  9. gerson :

    C&J, snatch and overhead squat… be confident and aggressive
    Cardio/respiratory… remember to breath and not get frustrated
    Maintain good/perfect form and full range of motion… strength and stamina
    Double unders
    WTF I lost my kip, switching to butterfly… need to work on that now
    Well, I can go on-n-on. There’s ssooo much I need and want to work on including HSPU and deadlifts, hope I can squeeze this WOD in

  10. JenB :

    all things overhead, and food choices for me…
    this is a great exercise because not only are we identifying what we can work on, we are acknowledging our strengths. before crossfit verve, if someone told me to do either do 100 squats or 100 pushups, there’s no question i would choose the squats because that is what i’m comfortable doing. now, I think I would choose the pushups, and even though would take a lot longer, I’d feel better for taking the challenge and getting through it. CFV is a pretty awesome place, love the team!

  11. stef :

    All i have to say is i LOVE this picture! Don’t you think that’s such a good image of a true coach? I think the good coach’s are those who aren’t afraid to push you beyond what you think might be your limit. They’re not afraid to get in your face. They believe in you and push you beyond what you think is your potential.
    Cherie – you rock!!! As do our other trainers 🙂
    Anna – you look like a freaking rock! Love it.

  12. James :

    1) Double-unders. I’m reluctant to admit this because with all of the mentions of double-unders, there are sure to be more DU WODs in our future.
    2) HSPUs. I need to either get a lot stronger or drop about 50 pounds. I vote for the former.
    3) Hip extension. Turns out that in all of those years of lifitng on machines, none of them actually work on your hip extension. Major weakness, but also major room for improvement.
    4) Burpees/Box Jumps: These destroy me on a cardiovascular level like nothing else.

  13. Jeff McDowell :

    I will have to give it up to CF for making this deployment mentally and physically easier on me. Just the other day, someone was teasing me for CF and how it’s for crazy people.
    Then one of the higher ups that does CF look to my peer and said “I bet you might beat him in one or two areas but overall he’s in better shape and will have no problem with a combat load.”
    I just smiled and replied “I am fit and just like they say back home, Stronger Then Yesterday.” When inside my head I was jumping around, yellin “Yeah MoFo this is how we roll! Crazy people who enjoy the company of dirty ladies”
    I know that I need to continue to work on my flexibility so that I can perform better in my oly lifts. Also DUs & linking PUs.

  14. Cherie :

    My list:
    1. Heal with the appropriate patience needed.
    2. Core strength; l-sits, leavers, overhead stability and confidence.
    3. Strength; feel confident with moving my body weight fast.
    4. Go heavy
    5. Confidence, confidence, confidence.
    6. Relax in the pain.

  15. Danimal :

    Agreed Stef!!!
    Hey, here’s a thought… Matt, (if I understood correctly) you said that the longer style of workouts we saw this weekend (5 rounds of 4 exercises, etc) would likely be more prevalent in future competitions as opposed to the shorter workouts at regionals (3 rounds, 3 exercises of 10 reps each). If so, will we still see the heavy weights we saw at regionals (165lb front squats) or more of a light weight like at Front Range?
    I guess my thinking revolves around power output and what I/we need to be able to achieve and of course, maintain.

  16. Joylyn :

    Everyday I find something new to work on, but also something accomplished too.
    My list:
    1. Double-unders (long slow process, going on a year now)
    2. L-sits, L-pullups
    3. Handstand pushups (get one)
    4. Muscle-up (get one) and ring work stamina in general
    5. Squatting in any olympic lift (especially around Zac, I know it would make him so proud)
    6. Continued cardio-respiratory endurance, running + breathing
    7. Stretching and flexibility
    8. Pushing past being uncomfortable in a wod

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