Snatch 80% of 1RM 5X3

Followed by:


Double Unders

Deadlifts 35% of 1RM  

Post time to comments.


Swimming drills, wait swimming isn't over yet.

Due to our crazy "break in" swim session, The City of Denver Aquatics, has agreeed to let us have the pool for an additional day at no cost.  Yay, one more pool session before the pooches jump in.  So with that said, be prepared to workout this Saturday at the  Berkley pool.  Class times will change to 9am, 10am and 11am.  Also, we will up the limit to 12 in each class.  Come one, come all for this last opportunity to do an outdoor CrossFit swim WOD.

We are deep into week two of the nutrition challenge, how is going?  We are busy tallying everyones information, but if you have any questions or concerns please e-mail or call us ASAP, so we can help get you on track.  Post thoughts to comments.


  1. Tiff :

    yay! saturday, not sunday this time?

  2. Matt :

    … and by no cost, we mean it’s free to you! Sign up if you haven’t been to a swimming WOD yet, they’re a blast. Plus, you’ll get your daily dose of vitamin D.
    “Tabata Something Else” 439, down a little from last time (pull-ups and sit-ups).
    My nutrition is going well – switched back to 4 square meals and 3 square snacks (no carb/fat swapping). Definitely more food, which is great, but I think it may be playing with my performance. We’ll see. A couple of more weeks will tell the tale.

  3. Doin’ OK with the diet. Dealing with a boredom issue but that’s nothing that can’t be solved with employing creativity and actual effort.

  4. mark :

    …it won’t let me sign up..the “sign up” buttom isn’t there…for the swim workout on saturday

  5. Holly :

    LOVED yesterdays WOD….but it became pretty apparent to me that my pushups have gone wayyyy downhill. Gotta work on that….

  6. Hey Jen, count me out for the mtn bike ride tomorrow, need to work and do scheduled gym stuff. Thanks though! Have fun! 🙂

  7. Jen B :

    Mtn biking tomorrow afternoon… what time works best? i think the list so far is
    anyone else??
    maybe best to meet at Verve and go from there. I have room for a couple of people and bikes if we want to consolidate. was thinking of the Centennial Cone trail (13 miles, non-technical, fun climbs and descents) but am open to suggestions. see you tomorrow!

  8. Matt :

    The Cone!!! Fun ride, I’m excited. Can we wait until it cools off a little? I too can add 1 to my car (including another bicycle).

  9. Cherie :

    All you can now offically sign up for the swimming on Saturday , we fixd the broken link.

  10. donna :

    Are the classes full aleady for Saturday? I’m still not getting a Sign Up button.

  11. Cherie :

    Sorry – Now it’s fixed!

  12. Amy Schaeffer :

    Hey, my parents are in town and want to hang out tomorrow because I am pretty much the coolest person ever so mtn. biking is still up in the air for me…..but I have biked that trail and it is fun!

  13. gerson :

    i can go anytime after 1pm, the cooler the better… time????

  14. Jen B :

    how about meeting 4pm at Verve? it’ll take about 45 min to the trailhead and ride time up to 2 hours (+/-). bring plenty of water and food. if it’s still blazing hot at the end, we can jump in clear ck!

  15. wish i could ride..but unfortunately i have to work. have fun!!! lets plan another ride soon, maybe next week?!

  16. Rosa :

    Food challenge was tough this past weekend – I really just wanted some pasta – sad, but true. And after a crappy work day on Monday – I really wanted a giant Dr. Pepper. Luckily I have neither staple in the house right now.

  17. donna :

    Food challenge traveling and camping for the past five days was rough. I ended up under eating while camping because there was little I could eat (someone else provided the food), plus I could only find jerky that was loaded with sugar. And of course, those smores looked sooooo good, too. Good to be back home and back on track.

  18. Matt :

    Donna and Rosa,
    Giving in or not, you’re making decisions with health and fitness in mind and that’s what we’re after. After 8 weeks, the right choices should be second nature. Keep up the good work!

  19. Derek :

    Today’s workout was brutal but fun. Really enjoyed working out with Matt and Anna today both of you guys were super helpful. Matt thanks for the kettlebell help. Food challenge is going awesome for me. I’m down 9lbs since the challenge started, but more importantly started to look a food a bit differently, Good times!

  20. Matt :

    Sn165#x3, 10:21 (170#)

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