For max load:

Overhead Squats 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Cookie: 3 Rounds: Max burpees in a minute, rest for a minute.  

Post loads to comments.


Holly getting low during wallballs.

Core strength, stability and flexibility are vital in any and all athletic movement.  If the core is unstable, weak or inflexibly your athletic movement is limited.  The overhead squat is the ultimate (yes I said ultimate, I'd even go as far as says unsurpassed by all except the snatch) core exercise and requires full body stimulus

When moving a load overhead from a full squat position an enormous amount of midline stabilization is needed.  The overhead squat is the receiving position of the snatch and is an amazing tool for training speed and power.  The overhead squat is also the punisher of an immature air squat, revealing deficiencies in our athletic movement, flexibility and balance.  So don't say you can't do it. Make the overhead squat your friend, it will make you golf better, run faster and swim longer 



  1. AmySchaeffer :

    So, I know that CF is all about “Functional Movement” and I have always wondered a little bit about the functionality of Burpees- well, this morning I dropped something and it rolled under the couch and immediately, without thinking, I dropped down as if into a burpee like it was second nature and popped back up without even realizing what I had done!

  2. Chris :

    Did you jump and clap your hands too????

  3. Stef :

    Overhead Squats, lovely!! I need to work on my snatch into the OHS. I dropped that a few times last week but it was on my 5th workout of the week so my muscles were fatigued.
    Anyway, Joylyn pointed out the workout on the main site (yesterday I believe?)… BARBARA.. My nemesis. One of my friends is going to try it today. All I have to say is Joylyn and Cherie… we’ve gotta do it sometime, me for past comparison with time and growth in my strenght. And I need you guys so I don’t just give up after 1 round.

  4. Holly :

    Well Tony, I think I just joined the funky face club! Eek! Blackmail?

  5. zink :

    Supposed to be my Rest Day but since it is Emmalee’s B-day I did the WOD of her choice. “Nate”
    As many rounds in 20min
    2 Muscle-Ups
    4 Handstand Push-ups
    8 2pood KB swings
    14 2/3
    Happy Birthday Emmalee.

  6. Gerson M :

    Happy B-Day Emmalee!

  7. Catherine :

    May I say, and this is totally off topic, that 3 cups of strawberries isn’t half bad. I might buy stock. The Zone has me cranking on the fruit intake. Diggin’ raspberries too. Not too sweet but oh so refreshing…
    Thanks for a great workout today!

  8. Catherine (aka Anastasia Beaverhausen) :

    OMG and I dumped the bar for the first time today. May I say it probably looked as graceful as it felt. Pretty fug.

  9. Joylyn :

    Happy Birthday Emmalee!
    You are a superstar, muscle-ups and all!

  10. Cherie :

    Happy B-day Emmalee. Sorry we missed Nate today. Hollar at me and we’ll post another fav.
    Catherine you were a superstar today with those OHS’s.

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