As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

3 burpees

6 C2B pull ups

9 sumo deadlift high pulls 95# (65#)

Post rounds to comments.

Chest to bar pull ups (C2B) add roughly 6 inches of work to every rep.  If you finish this workout with 15 rounds, that’s 45 feet of additional work being performed.  If we train using C2B pull ups exclusively, we increase our capacity for work – results based fitness!


We need to open soon because I am tired of posting pictures of myself… On that note we received jump ropes today! Yeah for jump ropes.

Funny Quotes from Mark Rippetoe
• Your muscles cannot get “longer” without some rather radical orthopedic surgery.
• Muscles don’t get leaner—you do.
• There is no such thing as “firming and toning.” There is only stronger and weaker.
• The vast majority of women cannot get large, masculine muscles from barbell training. If it were that easy, I would have them.
• Women who do look like men have taken some rather drastic steps in that direction that have little to do with their exercise program.
• Only people willing to work to the point of discomfort on a regular basis using effective means to produce that discomfort will actually look like they have been other-than-comfortable most of the time.


  1. Chan :

    @ NMFR STA64
    Chan: 12 rounds
    May: 6 rounds (assisted pull ups)
    Woody: 13 rounds (jumping pull ups, 65#)

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