Thursday 170420

Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes, alternating:
Minute 1: Row 18(15) calories
Minute 2: 15 Hip extensions
Minute 3: 50 Double unders

Post work maintained to comments and BTWB

James getting warmed up for some solid squatting action.

James getting warmed up for some solid squatting action.


We have so much room. . . for so many activities!!

Folks, we got a bunch of stuff happening at or around Verve in the next few days. You need to pull out that calendar and start filling it up. 

It’s time to party!! We are officially celebrating the end of the CrossFit Games Open. We will toast the winning team, give shout outs to some top scorers, and cheers to 5 weeks of hard work, PRs, and outstanding sportsmanship. 

Friday April 21st
*6:30pm is the start time for the team Oldies But Goodies. They get a full hour to celebrate with just their team and enjoy drinks on Verve as a victory prize.
*7:30pm is the start time for the rest of Verve. Come one, come all (even if you did not participate in the Open at Verve), it’s simply time to enjoy each other’s company and possibly start the trash talk for next year.

Bar Fausto, 3126 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205, a few short blocks down the street from Verve

Throw on your finest fancy pants and get ready to celebrate!!

Want to hang out some friends other than your Verve buddies. . . but still gotta get your workout on? Well now you can do both. Saturday April 22nd is another “Bring A Friend To Verve” day. You are encouraged to bring a buddy to one of our 3 scheduled classes and let them get a free taste of Verve. We do ask that you still sign them up on MBO so we have a proper head count. The workout is easily scaleable to meet all abilities and needs. 

While you and your buddy are hanging out/ working out, you can chat up Elizabeth Boulos from Beauty Counter. She will be setting up a table before the 8am class. She will be hanging out talking about the products her company offers and answer any questions. You can look at the website beforehand by clicking here.

Learn more about these safer beauty and skincare products.

Learn more about these safer beauty and skincare products.


Lastly, folks we need to talk possible schedule changes at Verve. Eric and I have been talking about possibly changing the WOD schedule come June 2017. We would like to change the evening schedule to:

Monday – Friday 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm
Open gym:
Monday – Thursday 1:30pm-4:30m, 6:30pm-9pm
Friday 1:30pm-4:30pm

No changes to the earlier open gym times, Sprint or Verve Barbell Club

These changes are based on a few thoughts, including giving a little more time for open gym, giving a little more time for people to get to the gym from work without feeling rushed, and to build the atmosphere as there are a few evening times that tend to be smaller. Let us know what you think, we would love to hear your input. 

So get excited for a fun filled weekend!!


Wednesday 170419

As many rounds as possible in 18 minutes of:
Run 200 Meters
10 Dumbbell hang power cleans 40#(25#)
50 Meter dumbbell farmers carry 40#(25#)
10 Dumbbell shoulder to overhead 40#(25#)

Post result to comments or BTWB

John "I can't be motivated by beer (especially Coors)" Mellete!!

John “I can’t be motivated by beer (especially Coors)” Mellete!!


#1 – What is your hometown? – West Lafayette Indiana
#2 – What got you into CrossFit / Verve? I started crossfit about 5 years ago because I hate globo gyms. Had a friend tell me about it, loved the team/community aspect of the wods. When I moved to Denver I looked online for boxes near my house then researched before deciding on Verve.
#3 – What is your favorite workout? – McGhee 
#4 – What is your least favorite workout? – tie between Murph and 12.1 – 7 min of burpees 
#5 – What was the first CD you ever owned? Foo Fighters – The colour and shape 
#6 – Favorite cheat meal? – Pizza
#7 – Most frequently used emoji? 😂
John – Your amazing lifts of all the weights never ceases to amaze us.  Glad you are here!
-BRING A FRIEND this Saturday for all of the classes excluding Open Gym!

Tuesday 170418


Post weights to BTWB

Connie, Robyn, and Maddie getting in some accessory work early in the morning.

Connie, Robyn, and Maddie getting in some accessory work early in the morning.


Week 3 of the deadlift program.  Make sure and bring last weeks numbers so you can try and improve on the weights used last week.  Also, there is new glute work after the lifting portion!

Many of us food prep in advance for the week ahead.  Though sometimes time consuming, it really makes staying on plan a lot easier when all the food is prepped and ready to go.  The website,, had a really good article this weekend on some tools that can make the whole food prepping process a lot easier.  

Click Here for a link to the article which has links to the products and where they can be purchased if you’re in need of some tools that will make your food prepping less anxiety filled.  Below are a few of the products discussed in the article and some reasons why they are beneficial to your food prepping needs. 

Quirky Cutting Board With Storage Containers
This sleek cutting board from Quirky is the ideal chopping block for a meal-prepper. Chop veggies and slide them into one of three drawers located underneath the board, and boom, tidy storage until the next step of your recipe.

New Star Heavy Duty Three-Slice Egg Slicer
Whether you’re slicing hard-boiled eggs to top a lunchtime salad, dicing mushrooms for a dinner side, or cutting a few strawberries to toss in your morning cereal, this New Star heavy duty slicer is the answer. Our favorite part is that you don’t need to dirty a cutting board.

Cuisinart Two-Speed Hand Blender
Soup is a meal-prepper’s dream, but for recipes that require puréeing, the Cuisinart hand blender is a must. No more blending soup in batches in an upright blender; a hand-held version gets the job done right in the pot. PS. Using one also means there’s less to wash.

Bentgo Stackable Lunch Box
So you spent the weekend meal-prepping; now it’s time to eat. Fill these stackable lunch tins (with built-in plastic flatware) from Bentgo and you’ll be the envy of your office.

Wilton Silicone Muffin Pan
Whether you’re baking off a tray of classic blueberry or on-trend egg muffins, you’re going to need a stellar muffin tin. This silicone version from Wilton is easy to clean and stain-resistant. Want to know our favorite way to use it? For making multiple hard “boiled” eggs in the oven—oh yeah, it’s a thing!

If you have any other must have tools, be sure and post them to the comments section. 

Monday 170417

10 Rounds for time of:
10 Toes to bar
10 Box jump overs 24″(20″
10 Push ups

Post time to BTWB

It was a packed house last Tuesday during the lunch time classes... Don't you people work?!

It was a packed house last Tuesday during the afternoon classes… Don’t you people work?!

Here’s whats shakin! 

April 22nd (Saturday)- BRING A FRIEND TO VERVE DAY! All classes (Sprint and Open Gym excluded) will be free so you can bring in your buddies to check us out. Workouts will be easily modified as necessary, and fun for all.

May 19th- 21st– CrossFit Games South Regionals in San Antonio, TX- Alamodome

May 29th– Memorial Day- “Murph”

June 10-11thCherry Creek Triple Threat – Teams are already forming, and preparing for this fun event!

July 8-9th– CrossFit Kids Seminar – For registration and details, please visit the CrossFit Training Page

August 1st-6th CrossFit Games!!

August 19th– Femme Royale at CrossFit Verve! Get your gal pals together, and register HERE

Have a great week, athletes! 

Sunday 170416

For time:
100 Meter handstand walk

Post time to comments and BTWB

Eddie showing us how he recovers from a hard workout. Hey, beer's got water in it.

Eddie showing us how he recovers from a hard workout. Hey, beer’s got water in it.


Saturday 170415

In teams of 2 complete the following for time:
Row 2000 meters


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:
Hang power clean 135#(95#)
Pull ups

Partner 1 does all 10 hang power cleans and 10 pull ups, then partner 2 goes.
Continue in this format until finished

Post time to BTWB


Treat yo self!

Treat yo self!

* Come cheer on Verve’s Team, “3,2,GO!” today at CrossFit LTP for their Barbells for Bullies competition. This local comp will be fundraising for Gritty Pittie Rescue and will have some adorable dogs for adoption :)

Heat times are 2:52pm, 4pm, and 5:25pm

Join us in cheering on Anna, Nicole, Nate and Clancy and support a good cause! 

This Easter weekend will be a time for many to indulge with family gatherings, and surrounded by comfort foods. Although we all like to treat ourselves once in awhile, sometimes we want to find the “cleanest” way to do so. This tasty treat is brought to you today by elana’s pantry

Paleo Coconut Macaroons



  1. Use a hand blender to whisk egg whites to stiff peaks
  2. Whisk in honey and salt
  3. Stir in coconut flakes
  4. Place bowl in fridge to chill for ½ hour
  5. Fill a 2 tablespoon scoop with batter
  6. Using your hand, very firmly pack batter into scoop to level
  7. Release batter onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  8. Bake at 350°F for 10-12 minutes, until macaroons are golden brown
  9. Cool 1 hour
  10. Serve

I have a few quick tips for this Paleo Coconut Macaroon recipe. Rather than shredded coconut, I used flaked coconut because it looks pretty and browns quite nicely. I do not know if shredded coconut will work in this healthy macaroon recipe because coconut flakes are much larger than the tiny pieces in shredded coconut. If you do experiment, please let us know how it goes!

Next, the 2 tablespoon size scoop is important for this recipe. A smaller scoop won’t work as it will not hold the coconut flakes and press them into place. I’m not sure if an even larger scoop will work as I haven’t tried using one. Feel free to experiment with any size scoop you wish. Finally, be sure to let the batter sit in the fridge as it helps it set up and results in a macaroon that holds together after it is baked.


Friday 170414

4 Rounds for time:
Run 400 Meters
30 Kettlebell swings 35#(26#)
10 Burpee box jump overs 24″(20″)

Post results to comments or BTWB


The video above From Red Iron CrossFit shows a great shoulder/upper body activation series that you can do with a yellow or light purple band.  Sometimes in class we do not have time to incorporate this, so take a little time before to hit this up!


-Saturday, April 22nd is BRING A FRIEND TO VERVE DAY – You can bring a friend or family member to any of the classes excluding Open Gym.


Thursday 170413

21-15-9 Reps of:
Handstand push up
Ring dips
Push ups

Post times to comments and BTWB

Leah realizing that wearing hats and HSPUs don't mix.

Leah realizing that wearing hats and HSPUs don’t mix.


Proper etiquette isn’t just about balancing a book on your head By Courtney Shepherd and the good people of Boxlife Magazine

We have all experienced our parent’s best efforts to ingrain proper etiquette into our everyday behavior our entire lives. Say please and thank you. When you meet someone, use a firm handshake. Ladies cross your ankles when you sit. Men pull out the lady’s chair for her. Etc, etc. etc. Proper etiquette doesn’t just exist in our life outside the gym, turns out there is an etiquette that exists inside the CrossFit gym as well. Verve has it’s fair share of visitors, Verve also has it’s fair share of athletes that travel regularly for their job, often stopping off at gyms for a WOD while out of town. We also happen to have a nice group of newer members to Verve, so it seems like it might be a good opportunity to talk about some basic gym etiquette. There happens to be a list of some basic, universal etiquette that can help a buddy out, no matter if you are in your home gym or abroad. Boxlife magazine has made a list of “13 CrossFit Gym Etiquette Rules You Need To Know” (click here for full article). I warn you now, as I prepare to list them out, some of them have a blunt tone to them. There is no need to take offense or concern that this list was created or being shared to make anyone feel bad. I would instead look at it as a healthy reminder that we are all sharing the same space, equipment, and time together, continuing to be respectful of all these things is a part of what keeps us coming back and having fun.

Rule 1: Put. Your. Stuff. Away.
It can be hard to look and see plates left out or a stray band tied round a pull-up bar after class. Following your workout, please put your gear away. If you want to take it a step further, help your fellow athletes clean up too. Many hands make light work.

Rule 2: Don’t drop the barbell when you’re stripping the plates. Or ever.
When you are cleaning up, save your coach from a brain aneurysm and strip down your barbell properly. This means you should lift the barbell and slide the plates off of it, then place it back on the floor—don’t just let it crash to the ground. In general please do not drop an empty barbell. Please take the extra second to return them to the ground gently.

Rule 3: If you’ve sweated on the equipment, bled on the equipment or cried on the equipment, wipe it down.
Aside from being on obvious point of hygiene, it really isn’t a pleasant sensation to grab a wall ball that’s drenched in the previous user’s sweat. Grab a paper towel and/ or Clorox wipe (they are located through the gym), and take the 30 seconds to wipe down your equipment. Even if you tore during a pull-up workout but “didn’t bleed”, trust us, it’s still icky. Let’s keep Verve a “bodily fluids sharing free zone”.

Rule 4: Don’t steal other people’s equipment. Or be quick to move something out of your way.
When you’re setting up for a chipper (or any WOD that requires numerous pieces of equipment), you try to set up your area with the gear in such a way to make everything easily accessible as you switch from movement to movement. And this can even extend to the pull-up bar—especially if you need to attach a band. So if it gets taken and/ or moved in the middle of a WOD, you have every right to feel upset. It’s a CrossFit faux paux that should NEVER, EVER happen. Try to be aware of the people around you and where equipment may have come from. If you didn’t bring it over, it’s probably not yours. And if it’s there, it may be in use, check before you relocate it.

Rule 5: Don’t be late.
Maybe a minute or two is ok for some boxes, but I know there are some gyms that have burpee penalties for a late arrival, and others that simply turn an athlete away if they turn up 5 minutes after class has started. Unless it’s open gym, you can’t turn up whenever you please. This is a matter of respect not just for the trainer but your fellow class mates. Time can be wasted having to re-review instructions. It’s also a matter of safety, the risk of injury is greater without a proper warm-up. Life happens, we know, and sometimes tardiness can not be avoided but for the reasons listed above, we can’t be shocked if we are so late we are asked to wait for the next class. We must do our best to be on time. By the way, no one is too cool for warm-up.

Rule 6: Check in/Sign up for class.
This applies both to drop-ins and regular box attendees. Classes can get full, especially during very specific hours of the day. There have been times where there have been so many people in class that a WOD had to been altered because there wasn’t enough equipment/space to go around. There are class caps for a reason. At Verve we have always tried our best to accommodate, however doing so was much easier when we at least knew we were expecting a ton of people. Please, sign up for classes, it is the best way for a trainer/ gym to adequately prepare. 

Rule 7: Pay attention when the coach is giving instruction.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing CrossFit for 1 month or 5 years, it’s disrespectful to have your own private conversation or do your own thing when the coach is trying to give instruction to the class. You may know how to perform each movement off the top of your head, but not everyone does, so just be patient and quiet and let everyone get the full benefits of the coaches’ knowledge. Besides, you might learn something new about the lift that you would have otherwise missed.

Rule 8: Don’t have a conversation with someone in the middle of a workout.
Attempt to be respectful of people’s time and their desire to get a workout in for the day. If someone is sweating it out, lifting some weights, or taking a breather during a designated rest period in a workout. . . let them keep on keeping on, catch up with them when they are done.

Rule 9: If you ask to borrow an athlete’s gear—give it back when you’re done.
Have you ever had someone ask if they can borrow your roll of tape, only to find that they keep passing it off to every single person who suddenly needs to wrap themselves up like a mummy? If you borrow some gear, give it back when YOU are done with it—not the entire class. Borrowing a jump rope, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, return them promptly, be careful not to remove them post WOD and leave them behind for a trainer to pick up at the end of the day. Borrowing a sock for rope climbs. . . wash it and return it, promptly.

Rule 10: Don’t move the chalk bucket mid-WOD.
I believe that chalk, much like PEDs, are essentially to an athlete’s success in a workout. The buckets containing this white gold are usually tactically placed so as to be easily accessible to as many people as possible in the midst of a WOD. Please do not move it to your area, so it’s closest to just you. Please do not take the only actual block in the bucket out and set it next to your pull-up station. The chalk is there for everyone, no one needs to go hunting for it in the middle of a workout.

Rule 11: Respect an athlete’s space.
This is crucial for safety purposes, as well as the focus of the athlete. If someone is preparing for a major lift, don’t walk behind them, in front of them, or anywhere close to them. If they need to bail, the last thing a coach wants to see happen is the bar strike an athlete standing too close, or worse yet have an athlete fall back on to someone else’s equipment.

Rule 12: NO ghost riding. 
Ghost riding refers to the phenomenon of dropping barbells, kettlebells and all manner of equipment from overhead, regardless of the situation or weight. This is important because dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells with thin plates can bounce when dropped from overhead and ricochet into yourself and other athletes. While it is very satisfying to hear the crash of the weights against the floor, try to reserve the sensation for the strictly heavy lifts. No need to be dramatic and throw barbells around. We can all manage some control to bring a bar down to the ground directly in front of us.

Rule 13: Introduce yourself to newcomers.
Hopefully your coach will take the initiative and announce a drop-in or a new member when you turn up for class. But you should view it as your duty as a member of your box to make sure that the new athlete feels welcome in a new environment—especially if it’s their first taste of CrossFit. We are a community, we support each other, cheer for each other, push each other, encourage each other, a tradition that should be upheld for the newbie and the OG.


Wednesday 170412

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
15(12) Calories on rower
15 Toes to Bar
15 Wall Balls 20#(14#)

Post results to comments or BTWB


This spreadsheet-maven, great-gift-giving, always cheerful member has been with Verve for just over 3 years but had left a lasting impression.  Danielle has to be one of the funniest, outgoing, caring people I know and it is always a bright light in our day when she comes in.  PLUS: she makes a killer video.  ENJOY!!  (and thank you Gaby G for another great video)


-BRING A FRIEND DAY – Saturday, April 22nd for all classes excluding Open Gym

-NUTRITION LECTURE – April 27th @ 8pm.  This is for current members AND friends of current members!

Tuesday 170411


Post weights to BTWB

The beautiful chalkboard wall, by Danni! and our own version of reverse psychology advertising on the A Frame.

The beautiful chalkboard wall, by Danni! and our own version of reverse psychology advertising on the A Frame.


Week 2 of our deadlift and posterior chain day, otherwise known as getting those butts in shape for the summer .  Last week we did sets of 10 with the goal being to work up to around 65% of your 1 rep max deadlift for the last set of 10 reps.  Remember that this is a progression and each week we will be building so the idea isn’t to build to a rep max, it’s to build to a heavy to form set of deadlifts so we get more comfortable pulling heavy weight off the ground.

Today we are dropping the number of reps in each set.  The goal should be to work up to around 20 pounds heavier than last week on the last set of 8 today.  Today’s 4th set of 8 should be when you hit the weight that you did for the last set of 10 last week.  Example, if you hit 200 pounds on your last set of 10 last week, then today on the 4th set you should hit 200 pounds and then on your final set of 8 try to hit  around 220 pounds.  Again this is all based on feel so if you don’t think you have a 20 pound jump in you, then simply add a few pounds more than you did last week.

Before and after the deadlifts there will be accessory work.  I heard from a few people that last week’s bulgarian split squats surprised them with how sore they were a couple days after.  Today we will be doing the split squats again so try and add a little weight from last week.  We are also adding in some single leg steps up to increase the overall volume of unilateral work.  Accessory work is programmed for quality and not speed so take your time with each movement and rest as needed between each set so that form isn’t sacrificed.

These days have a lot programmed into them so finding time for a cool down or stretch might be difficult given all the movements to review and properly warm up.  If you have time after everything is finished, make sure you spend some time cooling down and stretching to help alleviate some of the soreness that is sure to follow in the days after.