Sunday 171029

3 Rounds for reps:
3 Minutes max calories on rower
2 Minutes max wallball shots, 20#(14#)
1 Minute max rope climbs
Rest 1 minute

Post reps to comments and BTWB

Why do heavy squats always make for the best #sexyfacesunday?? Jade getting after it.


Saturday 171028

Working with a partner, as many round as possible in 12 minutes of:
10 Ground to overhead, 95#(65#)
50′ Farmer carry, 24kg(16kg)
100′ Shuttle sprint

Post rounds to BTWB


Paleo Muffins2

Paleo mini muffins from


1 cup nut butter – You can shop for nut butters here

2/3 cups applesauce, pearsauce or apple-pear sauce (The more ripe, the sweeter!)

2 large eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla (try making your own!)

2 tablespoons of raw honey (or other sweeteners such as maple syrup, stevia, etc.)

½ teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

Toppings: dehydrated unsweetened coconut flakes, raisins, flaxseed, dark chocolate chips, cinnamon, and/or anything else you can think of. 


Preheat oven to 375º degrees F.

Place all ingredients into a blender or food processor. You can also use a stick blender if you have one.

Blend until well mixed.

Pour batter into a greased muffin tin. You can also use a mini muffin tin to make 24 mini muffins.

Add additional toppings of your choice to each muffin and lightly stir into each cup

Cook time: 15 minutes for full size muffins and 10 minutes for mini muffins.

Reheat in a toaster oven for about 4 minutes at 350 degrees F, or eat at room temperature.

Friday 171027


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We are going to be pulling some big weight off the ground, so make sure your hips are ready.  Watch this video, come in early if you can, and do some of the mobilizations!


-YOGA THIS SUNDAY! Sign up, Show up, and be present with Kacey


Thursday 171026

On the minute for 25 minutes:
Minute 1 = Strict pull-ups
Minute 2 = GHD sit-up
Minute 3 = Strict HSPU
Minute 4 = Double unders
Minute 5 = Rest

Post numbers to comments and BTWB

Meet Zach Harmon, Verve’s new in-house PT.

Verve is excited to announce a new partnership with Zach Harmon of RePeak Sports & Rehab. Zach will be setting up shop in Verve several days a week, providing in-house physical therapy.

“When was the last time you got a screen to make sure your movement system is running optimally? Have you ever wondered what kind of mobility warm-up you should be doing for your specific body? Are the exercises that you are using best suited for your body type? Guess no more with a full movement screen done by a Doctor of Physical Therapy that has extensive knowledge in sport performance training who can develop a program specific to your body type to carefully choose exercises that help you get stronger. This program will help give you a detailed warm-up before workouts, a good cooldown routine after workouts, and educate you about what types of squats or deadlift variations are best for your body type. We all are uniquely shaped and our specialists at RePeak can help you stop guessing which exercises are best for you to give you the peace of mind of knowing you’re treating your body right.”

Here are some of the services Zach is able to provide:

20 Minutes Restore and Recovery: These sessions are aimed to help with post or pre workout soreness and viewed as maintance care. I will tailor it to the patient/client. It can have cupping, adjustments (manipulation: cracking), eventually needling, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, massage buffer, wireless electrical stimulation,  proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, active release technique (pin/stretch), and joint mobilizations with movement. I try to learn all the manual techniques and tailor the session for each patient.

45 or 60 Minute Physical Therapy Treatment: This includes a balanced approach of manual therapy and movement analysis/exercises for rehab.

Initial Evaluation (more of a whole body approach): Used to identify the root source of your injury. This could be highlighting a true joint restriction, stability/motor control issue, over loading or too much volume leading to injury, breathing patterns, nutrition, sleep. Then giving a detailed plan to return to crossfit while working on the problem with proper modifications.

Movement Screen: A full body screen to tell you what joints are a mobility restriction or stability/motor control issue.

Personal Training (30 or 60 min): This could be working on additional work before fulling returning to unrestricted WOD’s or working on specific skills that there may not be time for in class. OR I have some clients who are powerlifters/bodybuilders with specific goals that I work with as well.

This sounds GREAT!! So how does all this work? Well, you will not be able to just pop your head in and ask Zach to help you out with a few things. Zach will be seeing folks by apt only. But hey, how convenient is it to make an apt to see someone at the place you were already going to anyway? Zach will be taking all of his appointments via online scheduling. He does not currently have the Verve schedule set up, we will keep you updated when it goes live. For now, please feel free to explore his website (click here), which includes his pricing. Verve members will be able to enjoy the same price rates as “CrossFit DECO Members”.

Zach is excited to meet you all, he will even be enjoying a Verve class on occasion. Please remember that his services will be limited to his hours provided in the schedule and by apt only. 

Wednesday 171025

Linchpin Test #2
3 Rounds for time:
5 Muscle ups
10 Squat cleans, 135#(95#)
20 Box jumps, 24″(20″)

Post results to comments or BTWB

One pretty amazing costume by Verve athlete Steven! Excited to see what’s in store this year.


I was born in NY on a little barrier island called Long Beach, off of Long Island….or LAWNG Island as us locals refer to it. 

I’ve always been interested in doing different types of workouts and started doing research on Crossfit.  I  was especially interested in the olympic weightlifting aspect of Crossfit and enrolled in a foundations class about a year after moving to Colorado.  I then joined Verve a couple of months after and have been a member ever since.

I actually really like rope climbs because it’s a skill I wasn’t able to do prior to Crossfit and I can now do them pretty efficiently. I absolutely hate Double Unders!  I am just not coordinated enough to get the speed and timing down.   I thought getting one of those speed ropes would help, but it just hurts more when I whip myself during all my failed attempts. 

I may have performed “Ice Ice Baby” in elementary school for our talent show. (Steven!! You are our people. YYAASS!)

I’m sure I’m not alone, but I’m pretty hooked on social media.  I’m proud to say I no longer use Facebook much, but can’t say the same about Snapchat and Instagram.  Sad to say, but I even started an Instagram account for my Boxer puppy, Hoya, who currently has a lot more followers than I do…shout out to @boxerdelahoya (consider him followed)

Finding out I have an appointment cancellation at work and can get caught up on some paperwork, Getting away with not paying for guacamole in my burrito bowl at Chipotle (PREACH!), Finding clothes to wear to work that don’t need ironing, One of my students or patients met one of their communication goals (I work as a speech language pathologist), Happy Hour, Not hearing the song ‘Despacito’ on the radio, Hearing the song ‘Despacito’ on the radio (It’s a love/hate thing),  and finding out that the WOD doesn’t include double unders!

I somehow got hooked on the TV show ‘This Is Us’ and I definitely would win a metal for tearing up and/or actually crying the most amount of times per episode.  My other metal would be in Halloween costume execution, which is appropriate for the season we are in.  I’d have to say I’ve come up with some pretty creative costumes in my day.  Although I have no idea what I’m going to be this year!

Thank you for your candid and honest answers Steven!


Tuesday 171024

For time:
Run 1 mile
Row 2,000 meters
30 Burpees over the rower

Post time to BTWB

Kaplan, Folse, and Julie getting warmed up for Front Squats

Kaplan, Folse, and Julie getting warmed up for Front Squats















A little about Verve Yoga by our fantastic teacher, Kacey Kingry.  

We do our very best to offer yoga twice per month here at Verve, as a supplement to the WODs that take place daily. I have this theory that when I’m doing yoga regularly (or just whenever I can fit it in), my body is more “on my side.” When we are more flexible, in touch with our breath, quiet and in tune, our bodies tend to respond more efficiently to the requests we make of them on a daily basis. So the more yoga you do, the more inclined your body will be to gain strength, put on muscle mass, lose fat, and remain uninjured. Even showing up just twice per month consistently can make a world of difference.

At Verve we practice two styles of yoga: Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. In Vinyasa, we connect our movements with our breath in order to generate some heat, and then once our muscles are warm and open, we use that openness to find stretch and depth in the postures. In Yin Yoga, we hold postures quietly for 3-5 minutes each in a supported fashion, which benefits not only the muscles themselves but also the surrounding connective tissues that are often times overlooked. Both styles of yoga, which we alternate between from Sunday to Sunday, are equally beneficial in different ways, and act as a complement to the shortening, tightening, pushing, and pulling that we do consistently in CrossFit. Both styles are designed not necessarily to be a “workout” in and of themselves (the goal is not to burn calories or gain strength), but rather to restore the body from the previous week’s activities, and prepare the body for whatever lies ahead in the week to come.

Many Verve athletes have benefited from attending Verve yoga regularly. Connie Luu, resident badass and overall awesome athlete says, “Since regularly attending Kacey’s yoga classes, my body recovers faster and I have learned how to better control my breathing during met cons. I love that I can simply show up and trust that her knowledge in both CrossFit and Yoga will help recover and prepare my body for the upcoming week.” How has yoga benefited you? What questions do you have regarding yoga? Please reply in the comments.  Our next Yoga class is this coming Sunday, October 29th at 11:00 am.  

Monday 171023

In 15 minutes build to a heavy 1 rep front squat

Rest 5 minutes then:

As many front squats as possible in 2 minutes with 70% of today’s heaviest lift.

*Bar has to remain in the front rack the whole time and a consistent pace must be maintained for all 2 minutes

Post loads to comments and BTWB

Now that's the face of someone that knows nutrition.

Now that’s the face of someone that knows nutrition.

-October 25th (Wednesday)Paul is hosting his 2nd nutrition talk in the series of three. This talk will begin @ 7:30pm. This talk is different from the last one, he will be presenting new information. This talk is free to Verve members and $10 for non-members. Everyone can sing up for this talk in MBO.

-November 5th- Daylight Savings Time, be sure to set your clocks back an hour.

-November 11thVerve In The Community Event!! Verve will be volunteering with “A Little Help”. A Little Help goes into different communities and helps senior citizens with basic chores including maintenance, cleaning, organization, and yard work.

  • TimeSaturday, November 11th from 8am – 12pm
  • How: Click here for details on where to meet and to register 
  • What:
    • First, we’ll be meeting at 8am at South High School, 1700 E Louisiana Ave on the north lawn.
    • Second, bring any gardening tools, rakes, or gloves, along that you think may be helpful. We will also be transporting many bags of leaves from each home so make sure someone in your group has a car/truck that is up for transporting bags of leaves!
    • Third, remember to dress in layers. It starts out cold, but warms up quickly!
    • Lastly, please tell your friends and friend about us by email, on Nextdoor, or through our social sites!
  • FAQs
    • We split into group of 6-10 and will have a team leader for the group.
    • We’ll have coffee and donuts sponsored by City Donuts and Pablo’s Coffee in the morning.
    • If we have bad weather, we’ll complete our indoor jobs and save our outdoor work for our regular volunteers. Please plan to join us at check-in rain or shine.
    • Wear clothes that are comfortable and can get dirty.
    • Groups can carpool from South High to the jobs we’ll be assigning. 
    • Most teams will be going to 1-2 homes and work should be completed by noon.


-November 15th- Paul finishes up his 3 part nutrition series with his 3rd and final nutrition talk. The talk will begin @ 7:30pm. This talk is free to Verve members and $10 for non-members. Everyone can sing up for this talk in MBO.

-November 23rd- Thanksgiving Day, stay tuned for an abbreviated schedule.

-The weekend of December 9th-10th, Verve will be hosting a Level 2 Certificate Course

The Level 2 Certificate Course is an intermediate- level seminar that builds on the concepts and movements introduced at the Level 1 Certificate Course. 

This course is ideally suited for any CrossFit trainer serious about delivering quality coaching. Students enhance their understanding of the CrossFit methodology, program design and implementation, and they advance their skills while coaching others in movements and workouts. Students need to come prepared to be heavily engaged; each leads individual and small-group training sessions, and classroom sessions are discussion-based. Peers and instructors provide feedback and evaluation.

For additional information and to register, click here.

Sunday 171022

5 Rounds for time:
200m run w/ medball
20 KB sumo deadlift high pull, 24kg(16kg)
20 KB swing, 24kg(16kg)

Post time to comments and BTWB

Are you ready for some football?

Are you ready for some football?


Don’t forget Verve’s Broncos Sunday Funday today at El Jefe!!

We are getting together at El Jefe to watch the Broncos vs Chargers, talk smack, and enjoy bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s. 

El Jefe
2450 W. 44th Ave
Denver, CO

Game time @ 2pm

Saturday 171021

In teams of two, complete the following for time:
50 Thrusters, 95#(65#)
10 Rope climbs
40 Thrusters, 95#(65#)
8 Rope climbs
30 Thrusters, 95#(65#)
6 Rope climbs
20 Thrusters, 95#(65#)
4 Rope climbs
10 Thrusters, 95#(65#)
2 Rope climbs

Post time to BTWB




Reminder that we have Yoga tomorrow at 11 am!  

Traditional Mashed Potatoes minus the milk by

Since real potatoes are Paleo, why not enjoy this traditional Thanksgiving staple? This Traditional Mashed Potatoes recipe prepares them without milk, yet still gives them a creamy texture.

Servings 8
Total Time: 45 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes


36 small potato(es), yellow peeled
8 cup(s) chicken broth
1 cup(s) ghee (optional)
1 teaspoon(s) sea salt to taste
1 teaspoon(s) black pepper to taste
1 teaspoon(s) garlic powder to taste


In a large pot, boil 4 cups of chicken stock with enough water to cover the surface of the potatoes when they’re added to the pot. Let the potatoes simmer until soft, about 30 minutes.

When the potatoes are easily separated by a fork, remove from heat and drain the liquid in a collander. Place the potatoes into a large mixing bowl and use a potato masher or a hand mixer to “smash” the potatoes. They do not have to be whipped.

Add 2 cups of chicken stock and 1 cup of ghee to the potatoes and stir until well combined. Add sea salt, black pepper, and garlic to taste. Stir again until thoroughly combined. Add more chicken stock as needed until the potatoes are creamy in texture, but not soupy. Serve warm.

Friday 171020

21-15-9-15-21 Reps for time:
Calorie row
Double unders (3x’s rep #)
Strict ring dip

Post results to comments or BTWB

Eddie looking quite dapper while helping out at The Delores Project. Thanks for you help.

Eddie looking quite dapper while helping out at the last Verve in the Community event. Thanks for you help.


In last weeks post, the article discussed sleeping position to re-set our forward head posture throughout the day.  For those of you that don’t know what forward head position is or how you can help fix it, this article is for you.  You can see the full article here

Neck Posture and Tension Headaches

You’re probably doing this right now: Your head is protruding forward, your chin is tilted downward, your jaw is tight, and your shoulders are creeping up. Notice all that tension? That same tension could be at the root of your afternoon headache.

The way you’re holding your neck makes you look like an awkward duck. This “duck neck” posture is called “forward head posture” or FHP.  Forward head posture is technically when your neck pushes forward more than an inch over your first vertebrae (the atlas). Every inch your neck pushes forward increases the weight on your neck by 10 pounds. Not the kind of progressive overload you’re after.

FHP can kill your gains. In one study, researchers concluded that performing lifting exercises with forward head posture makes the problem worse. If you already have FHP and continue lifting, you’re causing greater injury to your neck which will result in more chronic pain.

Symptoms of FHP include back and neck pain, muscle spasms, fatigue, sleep apnea, and headaches. A But no worries, you can probably get rid of it with a clever hack borrowed from the yoga world.


Correcting forward head posture smashes out all the suckiness that comes with FHP. Here’s how this simple yoga hack can help.

  • Bring your head to a neutral position. Push your chin forward in an exaggerated motion
  • Pull your chin back. Bring your chin parallel to the ground.
  • Lift through the back of your skull like your head is a helium balloon. Imagine someone grabbing the base of your skull and lifting it up.
  • Engage your lower shoulder blades together and down. Not too tight – remember, we’re trying to reduce tension – but you should feel some effort.

Bingo. Your neck should immediately feel better.


-Join us this Sunday @ El Jefe Denver to watch the Broncos game at 2pm.  Happy hour and friends, no better way to spend a Sunday!