Friday 141003

For Time:

Run 1600 Meters
rest 4 minutes
Run 1200 Meters
rest 3 minutes
Run 800 Meters
rest 2 minutes
Run 600 Meters
rest 1 minute
Run 400 Meters
rest 30 seconds
Run 200 Meters

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IMG 0295 475x316 Friday 141003

Brad having some fun on the run!


If you have ever had shin splints or tibial stress syndrome, they are no fun.  Keeping with the Mobility Friday theme, you will get some tips on how to mobilize to alleviate some of the pain and also tips to avoid the pain again.  First, lets look at what causes shin splints.

There are many things that can cause shin splints.  Things such as:

  • Improper running form (heel striker)
  • Tightened calf muscles
  • Overpronation (When the ankles lean inward or “flat feet”)
  • Bad shoes (too much cushioning or “support” can change your natural stride)
  • Oversupination (walking on the outside of our feet or “high arches”)
  • Sudden increase in intensity (starting a running program or training for longer distances than you normally do)
  • Ankle restriction / immobility

#1 – For mobility tips, please refer to the past 2 Fridays’ posts.  Those posts were focused on ankle and calf mobility.

#2 – Seek a professional to analyze your gate if mobility is not helping the pain.

#3 – Here is a great self-massage video to ease your aching shins.  All you need is a lacrosse ball, but you can also do the same massage with a green or blue trigger point roller.


-Please don’t forget that tomorrow is the fundraiser for the EOD 130 Memorial WOD.  Bring a friend and have some fun for a good cause

– Next Sunday is Run the Rocks @ Red Rocks amphitheater.  Let Coach Nate know that you are competing so we can meet up before and/or after the run for some brewskies and fun.  If you need more details, e-mail

Thursday 141002

Tempo/Pause Front Squats
*4 seconds down, hold bottom for 4 seconds, fast up, and right into next squat

Then, 3 x 10 front squats @ 60% of 2 rep tempo/pause squats

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EOD 475x356 Thursday 141002

Nick Wilson (in the middle) is an EOD Technician killed in action February 12, 2006 while trying to disarm an IED.

This Saturday Verve is hosting the EOD 130 Memorial WOD. The EOD 130 Memorial Workout is in honor of the 130 EOD Technicians in the Navy, Army, Marine Corps and Air Force who have made the ultimate sacrifice since 9/11.

The workout is to be completed as a 2-person EOD Team, consisting of 4 couplets to represent each of the services. Each couplet has two exercises totaling 130 reps, one rep for each of the fallen. After each couplet there are 16 partner over burpees as a throwback to the dreaded 16 point hit at EOD School.

As a two person team complete:
65 Front squats, 135#(95#)
65 Kettlebell swings, 32kg(24kg)
16 Lateral partner over burpees

65 Hang power cleans, 135#(95#)
65 Push press single kettlebell, 24kg(16kg)
16 Lateral partner over burpees
65 Chest to bar pull-ups
65 Box jumps, 30″(24″)
16 Lateral partner over burpees
65 Push-ups
65 “Pendlay” barbell rows, 135#(95#)
16 Lateral partner over burpees

Bring a partner with you or get paired up at the gym. Classes are free that day, please bring family and friends, we will scale and modify the workout accordingly. Instead of paying a drop in fee we simply ask that you donate. We will have computers on hand to donate or you can register in advance, make sure you choose Verve as the location you are doing the workout at. If you register in advance and donate $50 it will include a t-shirt. Proceeds benefit the EOD Warrior Foundation, you can click here to read up and donate. 

Sign up on MBO and join the 90 minute classes to honor those who have lost their lives while fighting for our freedoms. 

**Verve is hosting a CrossFit Kids course October 11-12th. The instructors are asking for child volunteers between the ages of 5-12. They do not need to know how to do CrossFit, they just simply have to be able and willing to take instruction and be comfortable working with adults. They are only needed for a few hours each day. Please email me if you are interested in letting your little one help out. We appreciate it.

Wednesday 141001

For time:

Run 800m
30 Pull ups
20 Box jumps 24″ (20″)
Run 400m
20 Chest-to-bar pull ups
20 Box jumps 24″ (20″)
Run 200m
10 Muscle ups
20 Box jumps 24″ (20″)

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IMG 6369 475x712 Wednesday 141001

Welcome baby Annika Karen born September 16th 8lbs. 10oz.

Happy October!  I just love fall, it’s a great time of year: cooler weather is in the air, the mountains show off their color and our local competitions are in full swing.  You don’t have to compete to know that CrossFit is special.  Sure we encourage our athletes to do the Open each year to test their fitness and enjoy the camaraderie, but the fact is that the majority of us do CrossFit to stay fit and healthy and enjoy daily life.  But if you are looking to do a local competition there are plenty around, nearly every weekend you have a choice.  We host some In House competitions at Verve each quarter as well as have a contingent of athletes new and old that enjoy throwing down around town.  Some upcoming competitions Verve athletes are doing include:

CrossFit Roots Harvest Hoedown on Saturday, October 11

Run the ‘Rocks 5K on Sunday, October 12 to benefit the American Lung Association (see Anna or Nate for discount code)

Red Rocks Throwdown on Sunday, October 19

MBS Turkey Challenge on Saturday/Sunday, November 22-23

  • Team registration will open Monday, October 6th at 9:00 AM. This applies to ALL Pro and Open teams.
  • Individual registration will open on Tuesday, October 7th at 9:00 AM. This includes ALL Pro, Open, and Masters (40+) athletes.  Next Monday and Tuesday, the registration links will be posted on the Registration page, then shared on the Turkey Challenge Facebook page. This event has sold out very quickly every year, so please be by a computer at 9:00 AM.

Winter WODfest on Saturday/Sunday, January 31-February 1.  This involves getting your swimming on, so join us to practice at our Swim WODs.

Whatabout you, what are you doing to test or enjoy your fitness this fall?  Hiking a fourteener or running a marathon?  Are you looking to join a team or put one together?  Gonna go it alone and put yourself out there but wanna enjoy some Verve crew fun?  Post to comments if you are interested in signing up for any of the above competitions (or already signed up) or let us know if you are doing another race or competition for fun!  Yes, carrying a 3 year old toddler around a day hike is considered in my book too.

Looking to dial in some weaknesses or improve some areas specific to CrossFit outside of our general classes, ready to apply some discipline and commitment?  Email to get more information regarding our Competition Crew classes/programming.  Next mesocycle begins Monday, October 6th and includes 3 days of programming, 2 days of coached classes, extra Open Gym time, and homework programming.

Tuesday 140930

Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1
Push Press 3-3-3-3-3
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5

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 Tuesday 140930

From the Wall Street Journal over the weekend. 

I know we have a lot of runners at Verve and we run quite often in our daily workouts.  According to a study, and featured in the WSJ over the weekend, runners are 50% more likely to sustain an injury that interrupts their training and that number goes as high as 90% when you look at runners that run distances as long as marathons.  It’s not running that causes the injury, but rather the way people run.  Sound familiar?  We stress this all the time in our running skill sessions and while we are doing drills before running based workouts.  

Runners today are using “Gait Analysis” to better understand what about their running is causing or could lead to injury.  This 1- 2 hour test, which includes about 20 minutes of running on a treadmill, has done more for diagnosing injury and potential injury than any of the old remedies, which included surgeries to correct what were thought to be the cause of pain and injury.

The overwhelming theme for most avid runners has to do with stride length.  Striding too far can lead to added pressure on the joints which leads to injury and pain.  With proper mechanics, running can be very beneficial.  For years doctors held that as good as running is for your heart it was just as bad for your joints and bones.  5 years ago the sentiments began to change.  Runners joints and bones are healthier than average and are less likely to need joint replacement or experience arthritis. 

If you are experiencing or have experienced issues with running, take a look at the above picture with common issues that affect runners.  Perhaps you’ll see something that you’ve experienced.  Running is great for us, provided we focus on the mechanics.  Check out the full article by clicking HERE.

Reminder: EOD 130 Memorial WOD, Saturday October 4.  Free classes, 1.5 hours long at 9AM and 10:30AM.  This WOD is being used to raise money for the EOD Warrior Foundation. It is a partner workout. You can register for the WOD by clicking here, registration is $50 and includes a t-shirt. For additional information on the foundation click here.

Monday 140929

For time:
50 Push-ups
Row 1000 meters
30 Push-ups
Row 1000 meters
20 Push-ups

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poster 475x734 Monday 140929

EOD 130 Memorial WOD Is This Saturday!

Stretching Doesn’t Work?? #whatsupwiththat 

You know the conventional wisdom when it comes to stretching – stretch more and stretch for longer and your tissue will change.


Well, maybe.

If that’s what you’re doing, and it’s working (meaning your mostly injury free and your range of motion is improving), then keep doing what your doing.

But, if you’ve been following that dogma for a while with little or no improvements, maybe it’s time to re-think your stretching routine.

I came across a very interesting read over the weekend. Brooke Thomas put together a great primer on stretching that you should spend a few minutes of your day reading. As it turns out, according to the author, “we are not lumps of clay that can be molded by persistently tugging on things – this is because our nervous system is running the show.” This means that sitting there and tugging on your limbs trying to effect change without any concern for what your nervous system is doing isn’t actually helping you!

Check out the entire article by clicking here.

The big takeaway for me was this – instead of stretching only during your “workout” time, add in some lighter, more frequent stretching throughout the day, and make sure to BREATHE!


Upcoming  Events:

  • Gymnastics Skills Clinic with Zink on Monday, September 29 at 5PM.  Sign up on MBO.
  • Muscle-up Skills Clinic with Eric  on Wednesday, October 1 at 7:30AM.  Sign up on MBO. 
  • Next Free Community WOD is Saturday, October 4 at 8AM.  Next Foundations Program begins Monday, October 6 at 7PM.  Email us at to get signed up or with questions.
  • EOD 130 Memorial WOD, Saturday October 4.  Free classes, 1.5 hours long at 9AM and 10:30AM.  This WOD is being used to raise money for the EOD Warrior Foundation. It is a partner workout. You can register for the WOD by clicking here, registration is $50 and includes a t-shirt. For additional information on the foundation click here
  • Interested in the Verve Competition Crew classes to attack your weaknesses and get ready for some local comps or the 2015 Open?  Email with questions or to sign up.  Next mesocycle begins Monday, October 6.
  • Crossover Symmetry Clinic with Colby on Wednesday, October 8 at 5PM.  Sign up on MBO.

Sunday 140928

For time:
5 rope climbs 15′
5 Clean and jerks 95#(65#)
4 rope climbs
4 Clean and jerks 115#(75#)
3 Rope climbs
3 Clean and Jerks 135#(95#)
2 Rope climbs
2 Clean and jerks 185#(115#)
1 Rope climb
1 Clean and jerk 205#(125#)

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IMG 0233 475x316 Sunday 140928

Reese showing us a perfect hollow body during her 100 Push-ups

It is officially FALL!!!

This means fuzzy boots, great scarves, leaves changing, and A GREAT TIME FOR SOUPS!!  Here is a great recipe courtesy of this website.  If you can’t seem to remember to start a crock pot in the morning; this one only takes ~3 hours.

Easy Chicken Stew
Zone: 15 blocks (5 x 3 block meals) ****That’s one whole week of lunch or dinner!!****
700g passata (pureed tomatoes) (7C) – check the ingredients say 100% tomatoes, most have additives
350g turnip (2.5 C)
115g tomato (1/2C)
132g celery (1/2C)
138g mushrooms (1/2C)
94g carrot (1C)
405g zucchini (1.5C)
120g onion (1.5C)
450g chicken (15P)
5 tsp/25ml olive oil (15F)
few cloves garlic (I use 3 or 4, but I love garlic)
Rosemary, italian herbs, salt, pepper

Cut everything into small pieces, about 1.5cm cubes as a guide.
Cook garlic and onion in olive oil on a medium heat until onion starts to go see through
Add chicken and cook on a medium heat until sides turn white (does need to be cooked all the way through).
Add vegetables and passata and add water so that it just covers the veggies (doesn’t matter if a few veggies are sticking out, these will condense as stew cooks).
Bring to the boil with the lid on, then simmer for an hour, stirring every 15 minutes
After 1 hour take lid off and continue to simmer, stirring occasionally. Do this until mixture gets really thick, it should take between 1 – 2 hours. You can add salt, pepper and a bit of rosemary or italian herbs for taste.
Portion out and store/serve.


Saturday 140927

Off-site WODs today at Commons Park. 

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:

100m Broad jumps
100m Walking lunge steps
100m Bear crawl
100m Handstand walk
100m Sprint backwards

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IMG 0285 475x712 Saturday 140927

Paul and Jaimee synchronizing DB snatches.

 Aerobic Capacity Seminar with Chris Hinshaw is Saturday September 27th, 9am-5pm. Register at

Otherwise, meet us for off-site WODs at Commons Park.  We’ll be at the corner of 18th and Little Raven, having fun at 9AM and 10AM.  Get your WOD and enjoy the park afterwards on a beautiful weekend!

Upcoming  Events:

  • Gymnastics Skills Clinic with Zink on Monday, September 29 at 5PM.  Sign up on MBO.
  • Muscle-up Skills Clinic with Eric  on Wednesday, October 1 at 7:30AM.  Sign up on MBO. 
  • Next Free Community WOD is Saturday, October 4 at 8AM.  Next Foundations Program begins Monday, October 6 at 7PM.  Email us at to get signed up or with questions.
  • EOD 130 Memorial WOD, Saturday October 4.  Free classes, 1.5 hours long at 9AM and 10:30AM.  This WOD is being used to raise money for the EOD Warrior Foundation. It is a partner workout. You can register for the WOD by clicking here, registration is $50 and includes a t-shirt. For additional information on the foundation click here
  • Interested in the Verve Competition Crew classes to attack your weaknesses and get ready for some local comps or the 2015 Open?  Email with questions or to sign up.  Next mesocycle begins Monday, October 6.
  • Crossover Symmetry Clinic with Colby on Wednesday, October 8 at 5PM.  Sign up on MBO.

Friday 140925

Bench Press 3-3-3-3-3


2 x 20 reps @ 40% of 3 RM
as soon as finish 20 reps, hold chin over bar for 30 seconds accumulation

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IMG 0169 475x712 Friday 140925

Friends that mobilize together…Gina and Carmen showing their friendship through mobility!



#1 – SNEAKY SNEAK MOBILITY CHALLENGE - The goal is to accumulate 10 minutes per calf simply doing some heel chord stretching.  Do this stretch in 1 minute increments per calf so you don’t get bored.  You can do this stretching anywhere, the office, your house, grocery store:), and of course the gym.  All you will do is find a slightly elevated surface, stick the ball of your foot on it, and do some static heel chord stretching.  THE KEY is to make sure your ankle does not cave in, that you aggressively drive your knee out.  If that ankle starts to cave in, you are not stretching your calf anymore, just looking crazy at the grocery store.

#2 –  Lacrosse Ball Calf Mash – Grab yourself a lacrosse ball and a seat on the floor.  Cross one leg over the other and begin to mash the ball in the area right below the tibia. Once you find a sticky point, do some ankle rotations and bend/flax your ankle. Do this for about 2 minutes on each calf.  Watch the video below for a better explanation.

#3 – Barbell Calf Mash – This is also included in the video above.  Grab yourself a barbell and 2 plates (weight does not matter) and load the bar.  Now you will just lay one calf across the bar, cross the other leg over and reach forward to grab the bar.  With your hands, roll the bar slowly up the calf.  If you find some pain (shouldn’t be hard to find), do some ankle rolls and toe flicks to loosen up that tissue!! THIS ONE IS AWESOME but do not do it before a workout, save this for after or a rest day.

#4 – VooDoo Floss that Ham Hock – The voodoo band is a brilliant innovation in mobility!!  You can voodoo band nearly any limb on your body.  For the calf, you will start wrapping the band at the bottom of the meaty part of your calf and wrap up towards your knee.  Do not wrap your knee, just keep it right below your knee.  The band should be pulled at about 50% tension and each wrap should cover 50% of the previous wrap.  Once the calf is wrapped, find an elevated surface and do about 20 calf raises, focusing on putting the most pressure on the wrapped calf.  Do the same to the other side.  CAUTION:  If you feel numbness or tingling, unwrap right away!  We don’t want to mess with the nervous system.


-VERVE LADIES NIGHT TONIGHT!!  Come to the Infinite Monkey Theorem anytime after 5:30pm.  We have the social table reserved!

-Workouts offsite tomorrow @ 9am and 10am.  They will be a Riverfront Park at 19th and Little Raven.

-EOD Fundraiser next Saturday!!  All are welcome, we just ask a small donation in lieu of a drop-in fee.  To learn more about the cause that is near and dear to some of our members’ hearts, go here.

Thursday 140925

For time:
Run 800 Meters
21 R Arm DB Snatch 40#(25#)
21 L Arm DB Snatch 40#(25#)
Run 600 Meters
30 DB Hang Power Cleans 40#(25#)
Run 400 Meters
18 DB Clusters 40#(25#)

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Nick 475x356 Thursday 140925

Nick Wilson, 1 of the 130 EOD Techs that have lost their lives since 9/11.


Saturday October 4th Verve will be hosting the EOD 130 Memorial WOD. This WOD was brought to our attention by a Verve athlete. When he emailed asking if we would host, he attached a letter I would like to share: 

The WOD is named after the 130 EOD Techs that have lost their lives since 9/11. This WOD has particular meaning for me because several of my friends are on that list. I don’t want to take up too much time relaying old stories, but perhaps one story will help set the context.

Nick Wilson and I were friends and teammates operating in a 3-man team in and around Fallujah. Our primary responsibilities were disarming IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), conducting post blast analyses, destroying weapons so that they couldn’t be used against American and allied troops, and going out on raids when requested by a “shooter” unit to disarm booby traps. On February 12, 2006 Nick, Jason, and I responded to an IED on Route Iron that had been called in by an infantry unit. After neutralizing the primary device, Nick found a wire running off into the distance that could potentially have been connected to another IED. With 1 man trailing him for security purposes, Nick began tracing the wire into a field to ensure that no further threat remained. The type of wire that was used was incredibly thin and difficult to see. As Nick approached a berm, he temporarily lost sight of the wire with the changing angle of the sun. At that moment Nick spotted 2″ of antenna sticking out of the ground. As it turned out, the wire running into the field was simply a decoy, and the real threat was 2 remotely controlled IEDs that had been buried in the berm. Being too close to back out in time and concerned for the safety of the shooter that had trailed him, Nick attacked the IED that he had spotted (one would remain intact and have to be disarmed by another team member). As he was reaching down to try to disarm the device, the trigger man detonated the IED killing Nick instantly.

My intent in telling this story is not to glorify war because it is a horrendous experience. Additionally, I do not intend to drape us with sorrow and grief. I intend for this to serve as a celebration and affirmation of life. Nick was a little guy who didn’t look like much, but he was courageous and daring beyond measure. He was always the first in the fight and rolled with the heart of lion. Beyond that he was amazingly creative and inventive and loved to laugh. He would teach me and the other new guys in a way that forced us to experience things for ourselves, which made us better in the end.

There are times when you can only gauge the impact of something when you experience its absence. When we called Nick’s wife and heard her screams, we knew how much joy and light had been taken out of her life. Still, I know for a fact that Nick would have made the same choices over again if he had to do it over. He was the type of person who thought not of himself, only of those he could protect. If he were here today, he sure as shit would not be doing a WOD, haha, but he would find a bond of spirit with those who give all they have to be better tomorrow than they are today. He was never out of the fight, and I am deeply honored to have been his friend. NICK WILSON; KIA 12 FEB 06; ROUTE IRON; FALLUJAH, IRAQ.”

This WOD is being used to raise money for the EOD Warrior Foundation. It is a partner workout. You can register for the WOD by clicking here, registration is $50 and includes a t-shirt. For additional information on the foundation click here. You may register family and friends, remember CrossFit is infinitely scaleable, please be sure to sign up on MBO as well.

poster 475x734 Thursday 140925

EOD 130 Memorial WOD

Wednesday 140924


For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

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Compare to 121104.

IMG 0223 475x712 Wednesday 140924

Sarah after the Fun/Suck cycle Monday.

This Thursday, September 25th, Verve is hosting approximately 40 out of town guests for a special WOD at 6:30am. The workout during this class time will be different from the posted WOD. The hour is still open to all Verve athletes, we will have additional trainers on hand for the large group. Come join in the fun bright and early.

IMG 0225 200x300 Wednesday 140924

The picture above is a throwback to ol’ Verve member Ben Freedman who moved across the country and we miss dearly.  His theory of CrossFit was this Fun/Suck Cycle and I love it!  Some workouts spend more time on one end or the other, but every WOD is an opportunity to work through the cycle.  Sometimes you see a workout filled with your favorite movements and say “woohoo, it’s gonna be awesome.”  Other times it may seem all “suck.”

The good news is CrossFit lets us practice suffering.  Not working through an injury or anything of that nature, but practicing being uncomfortable for a time and know that we will live through it.  That intensity and practice is what gets our intended results both in our bodies and in our mental/emotional state.  We learn that even though our brain may say, “Stop!” our bodies can keep going farther than we think.  Verve is a safe place with coaches who know your body and capabilities, we can practice pushing those limits.  Every WOD is an opportunity to trust in our training and test our bodies while building some mental toughness.  

I also look at it like an opportunity to find the Fun part, which sometimes is a challenge in itself.  Maybe it’s a movement or part of the WOD (no, not just the END!)  Or I often say, “Okay, how can I scale or modify this workout to make sure I’m aligning the results with my intended goals for fitness?”  That may mean a goal is unbroken sets on something, or certain pacing on a row/run.  Logging workouts and walking through the doors mean I get the opportunity to test out a previous gameplan  and improve on it.  Today’s benchmark WOD is a perfect opportunity for this theory.  

Seek out the fun, and work through the suck.  
What is your fun and suck part of the cycle today?