One round on the minute, for 30 minutes.  If you can't complete the round in one minute, you do as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes:

15 Box jumps

10 Ball cleans

5 Burpees

Post rounds and thoughts to comments.



Before we order we want your opinion.  Therefore, let us know what you think of these t-shirt designs.  We will be ordering before the end of the week so let us have your two cents. Post thoughts, colors, logo on front or back, and other opinions to comments.

Thursday is forecasted to be colder (below 40), so be sure to layer, bring your gloves and hat to your WOD.  Friday should be back in the 50's.

Please note we are only having two WOD's on Thanksgiving, 8am and 9am.  We will be spending the remainder of the day in the mountains, with our other family.

A quick vid on re-gripping a bar for the jerk.  After yesterday's WOD, it was clear that we most of us need a little work on our power cleans.  Everyone did fabulous, but there is room for improvement.  Check out Sage Burgener demonstrating the clean, the re-grip for the jerk, and the jerk.  Powerful movements.


  1. Matt :

    Please comment on the shirts guys. We’re ordering them ASAP, but we want to hear from you!
    Also, its supposed to be cold. Don’t forget you hats, gloves, and layers of clothing. If you can’t shed layers, you can’t regulate your heat once you start your WOD.

  2. Zac Pine :

    I like the one on top that raps around the side and the black and white image in the darker grey.
    Sage is fast with her power clean, but with perfect form. Allow yourself to achieve perfect form and then start adding weight. Muscle memory is key. If you teach your body to do it right under light loads then you will tend to react the same way under heavier loads ( safe and more efficient ).

  3. Amy Schaeffer :

    The shirts look awesome! I also like the darker grey one with the white image….and I am glad you have Denver on there because it is important that people know WE (Verve) are the Denver O.G.s, the original badasses.

  4. Cheresa :

    I like the first one listed that wraps from front to back. I also like that you have Denver on there, that is important!!!

  5. Mike :

    I like the second shirt with the design across the chest and the guy holding the ball on the back. If I get to vote twice my second choice would be the first shirt.

  6. Joylyn and Mas :

    Thanks for great instruction today, we’ll remember it as we limp around and practice tomorrow. As for the shirts, we both like the first shirt, and the dark one with the white globe–both are awesome.

  7. Eric :

    I love them all! My favorite is the grey with the red and white ball. Looks like the weight of the world in on his shoulders and he’s still getting up on his feet. That shirt inspires me!

  8. Emmalee Moore :

    I also like the one on top, that wraps around.

  9. Kristin McHugh :

    I like the darker grey with the white globe.

  10. Matt :

    Yesterday’s WOD as Rx’d
    Matt 15:32

  11. Mike P :

    I was driving around one day with my then 3 year old daughter. She was looking out the window and out of the blue asked “Dad, can anyone pick up the world”? I said “yea, a guy named Atlas can pick up the world” (immediately cringing since I had forgotten the story). Without a hesitation she said “Wow he must do CrossFit”. I like the last two shirts.

  12. Kiley :

    I like the bottom left — Dark grey w/ red world and white writing, and the first one with the writing on both the front and back.

  13. thal (Ryan L.) :

    Shirts are great, can not wait to get one! When The Verve and CF Parker Fire going to get together. Name a time and place I will see who I can round up.

  14. Cassandra :

    I like the top one, but it would look really neat if it were in the dark gray. I also like the bottom Left one of the dark gray. I am excited to get one!!!

  15. Matt :

    Awesome comments today guys, really helped us make the decision. Mike P., we miss Maddie. We hope to see you and her sometime soon… maybe opening day at CFV?
    Ryan (Parker Fire) count on it. We should plan a Saturday when we’re all off. Next Saturday for me will be 12/13. Let me know.
    Standby 1 for times… we’re running late tonight.

  16. Matt :

    11/20 WOD
    Kiley 11 2/3 (knee)
    Amy 9 1/3
    Joei 8 2/3 (med ball power cleans, knee)
    Dan 15 1/3 (ball slams)
    Cherie 13
    Matt 14
    Jared 11 (dips for box jumps, 12# ball)
    Cheresa 11
    Mike 9 2/3 (almost 10), (12# ball)
    Elements #1
    4 rds: 400m run, 50 squats
    Mas 18:31
    Joylyn 22:24
    Elements #1 & #2

  17. Alan :

    Second down on the left, and third down on the right are my favs!
    Back in Florida from the cruise! Can’t wait to get back and workout with the group! We did take a couple of pics….Will send when we get a sec!

  18. Matt :

    Welcome back Alan and Anna, we’ve missed you. I’m happy to report the shirts have been ordered, though it was the 4th down on the right that won (white globe and writing). They are estimated to be here in two weeks.

  19. randy :

    matt and cherie,
    love the bottom left shirt design, it really pops! sorry i missed our field trip to see you, had to finish our painting. we are just waiting on more equipment, but come down anytime!!! lots more room. randy 5280

  20. cherie :

    We missed you. Can’t wait to see the new place. We feel your pain with the new equipment, seems to take forever……
    See you soon

  21. john brown :

    Hey Guys, I am really hoping that you will bring a few of those down in February so some of my folks can buy and rep The Verve. I am a fan of the wrap around, but in the darker grey.
    Talk soon,

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