Thursday 100225

With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.  Once complete if under 15, immediately start the push-up ladder.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

When completed test for max height box jump.

Compare to 10.12.09 and 03.28.09

Post rounds to comments.

Amanda charging the weighted box jumps. 

Rowing Seminar this Saturday.

Don't forget guys we have a rowing seminar this Saturday, February 27th at 3-5pm.  This should be a blast and James is donating him time away from his family to teach you crazies for FREE.  So take advantage of this opportunity to improve your stroke?  You must sign-up to attend, sign-up by e-mailing with the words I'm a rowing fool in the subject line.  IF YOU SIGN-UP YOU MUST SHOW UP!  Don't be "that guy", that signs up and steals someones spot by not showing up.

Jamie Oliver "The Naked Chef", speaks out about nutrition and how to make changes on a large scale. Folks it's worth the 20 minutes, finally something inspirational about food.


  1. Ware :

    No joke it was worth the 20 minutes. Thank you for sharing this video. Definitely inspirational!

  2. Matt :

    Agreed – great video, even if he is a wanker.

  3. CC :

    Paleo thought from a type A personality.
    So the changes I needed to make were this:
    No heavy whipping cream in my coffee
    No milk as an after workout blast or meal replacement
    no binging on almond butter
    no cheat day
    And I feel great and have lost 3 pounds. Now let’s analyze this. 3 pounds of fat takes three weeks to lose, so what did I lose? I took the heavy whip out of my coffee just by doing that I decreased my coffee consumption down to 1 to 2 cups per day from 6-10. Also because I’m not drinking as much coffee I’ve increased my water (unintentionally) from<10oz per day to >60oz per day. so I couldn’t have lost “water weight”. My best assumption is that the dairy and excess almond butter were causing inflammation. The elimination, eliminated the excess inflammation, thus increasing my energy (yes my energy) like a rock star. Now I’ve also upped my fish oil to 18 grams a day from 7-10grams a day. I did this cuz of that extra inflammation in my back from the tore disc. I will keep that up for at least a month, however I’ve spaced this out into all three meals. Fish oil is known for keeping you satisfied after a meal. I think this has made a big difference on my hunger, as I am of course still zoning all my food with the paleo. What else would you expect form a type A.
    So I feel great, always good to re access and get back into a groove. More veggies, more water and Fish oil, not knew news but good news!

  4. Matt :

    Tried MU’s and got to 6 (shitty excuse for an attempt). Then did C2B “Death by pull-ups” and got to 15. Yikes… failed quickly this time.

  5. Amanda K. :

    Great Paleo resource. Cool blog.

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