Monday 101106


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.


Sitting on the chair lift with the clouds covering the runs, the XX playing in my ears and all I can see for miles is white capped mountains. Ahhh , take a deep breath.  The mind is immediately calmed, the soul is immediately nourished, winter is here and these are my first tracks of the season. As I get off the lift I quickly focus, I haven’t been on a lift in a while and who knows, I may fall on my ass. Ski tips up, gloves on hands, jacket zipped, poles ready to assist… success.

Matt looks over and nods, making sure I’m ready to go, I am excited to see what these legs can do after such a long hiatus. As we made it down our first few warm-up runs, I felt strong and peaceful. The music gave me rhythm as I reminded myself to squeezing the orange, chest up tall and get my weight off my toes. The day continued with some successful turns, the legs surely didn’t have ski stamina, but I was amazed at how balanced and in control I felt. If I gave it a five count, I recovered pretty quickly and could continue to chase the snow leopard in front of me to the lift again.

We started this CrossFit thing so that we could be better at anything we wanted to do, I was feeling the rewards of being committed to that goal today. Grateful for my health, grateful for my fitness, and above all my mind was calm when surrounded by our amazing Rocky Mountains. We were ready for the last run of the day and Matt looked over and said considerately, “Groomer or bumps”, I replied, “Bumps of course!” 

This winter, make a commitment to your play time and make play time a stress reliever not a struggle, get in the gym at least three times a week, so that when you do find yourselves on the slopes, in the mountains or any other number of things, you’re ready for anything.

Who’s up for a Verve ski day once a month? Which pass did you get?

Please send us your winter pictures! 


  1. Slaughter :

    5mountainpass – yes to Verve ski day.

  2. Rich :

    I will be at Copper / Winter Park this season!!! Would love to take part in the Verve day on the slopes…

  3. Stef :

    Verve ski day? I might pee… I’m down! lol

  4. Nat :

    Copper/Winter Park pass and yes, I would be totally down for a Verve ski pass.

  5. robyn :

    I would love to join a Verve ski day, if it’s not during the week, unless during my winter break.
    I don’t have a ski pass, so somewhere relatively cheap:)

  6. beck :

    Whoa! That’s a good looking turn! I’m in for ski days but can only go on weekends. Next Sunday ?? Will prob get a 4 pak to wp .

  7. Tiffany :

    i’ll prob shoot for a 4pack as well or buddy passes with my buddies with passes. =)

  8. Adam :

    I would totally be down, have the colorado pass, plus as I am currently unemployed….er….self employed so I can go whenever:)

  9. Matt :

    I’d like to propose “powder day” rules take effect in NW Denver. If the mtn’s get 18″+ (I know “powder day rules” take effect 12″+ but…) then we call in sick and go skiing. Who’s in?
    Tiff… buddy passes? I know the WP pass only gets buddies a discounted ticket. $59 or something like that.

  10. Brian :

    A Verve day would be great! I’ve got the Epic Pass, so any of the 5 mountains would be cool, and we’re generally up in Vail on the weekends. Weekends only for me…
    Here’s a snow pic:

  11. GregB :

    I would love to go on a ski day with all as many of the Verve peeps that can make it. I have no pass but I am in for whatever…

  12. Nate Goodman :

    Ski day would be fun it has been a long time since I have hung out with you Verve folks, 5 Mtn pass, is the only way to go.

  13. Katie :

    Loveland pass, and yay for a Verve ski day!!

  14. Blake :

    I don’t ski but I do dominate hot tubs, so I am down for a post-ski Verve party.

  15. Heather S :

    WP/Copper/Steamboat baby! And I want a lesson from the person in this picture…my tele turns do not look like that!!!! I would also like to propose a hut trip for 2011-2012, we are too late for this year I do believe, but how fun to do a WOD on the deck of a 10th Mt. DIvision Hut….Miss you all!

  16. lil :

    Who is that skiing? One of y’all? Awesome. Makes me want to bust out my teles and flail a bit.

  17. Tanja :

    5 mtn/Colorado Pass – I’m in!!!

  18. Dawn :

    This is a great idea! I have the 5 mountain pass!!

  19. Sheila :

    Cheri Chan if that is you, I want tele lessons from you! Damn that’s a beautiful pic and I wish I looked like that when I tele! I only have a 4 pass, but would love a ski day or the hut trip Heather mentioned :).

  20. Andrew and Teresa Brachle (Telluride CrossFit) :

    Come to Telluride for a ski day or three. Believe it or not Telluride is actually in the same state, although a bit of a drive. Good news, they have a CrossFit Gym too! Steep runs and warm weather. Great hike-to runs.

  21. Matt :

    Are you offering us your box to crash at?

  22. tiff :

    I would LOVE a hut trip. Count me in fo sho for 2011-12

  23. Cherie :

    Picture is Matt, I wish my turns looked that good too 🙂

  24. One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love.

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