Three rounds for time:

10 Man-makers, 40# (25#)

50 Double unders

A single man-maker is comprised of a DB push-up, renegade row (each hand once), dumbell squat clean to a thruster.  The woman-maker version is exactly the same.

Post time and thoughts to comments.


Emmalee pulling herself under the bar from the hang clean.

Alas, we've found the key to lower back stength – horseback riding!  Since we obviously cannot afford a horse for every athlete in the class, we've decided to test out a prototype iGallup.  Please let us know what you think and be sure to wear some chaps.


  1. Dan :

    Holy crap I thought this was a spoof ad. Awesome that it is a real product. Trade out the GHD for it?

  2. I knew those chaps I packed in my backpack would come in handy for something.
    Emmalee, you´re such a stud! Cool pic!

  3. tiffany :

    outfits included? i always needed to add “white cowboy boots” to my wardrobe!

  4. Tiff :

    this workout kicked my ask….

  5. Amy Schaeffer :

    I can’t wait to become a real man at tonight’s WOD.
    Also, I would try the iGallop on the condition that I get to wear spurs on my Adidas high tops

  6. Cherie :

    Tiff – pretty funny.
    I’ll be back in the gym today and feeling pretty strong all things considered.
    Day four on zone/paleo, 11 blks, even had two red bridges last night (I have added unsweetened plain yogurt as a non paleo food). I was very surprised at how my portion size had crept up on me. I was eating way more than 11blks on Paleo. More like 20 when I should have been at about 15. Biggest thing I’ve been missing is the unlimited fat blocks. 1/2tsp of almond butter only wets the palette. Otherwise it feels great to have my food under control again. I’ve even taken to black coffee brewed with cinnamon. I never thought I’d drink black coffee.
    With a total of 27 pounds to lose I will keep you all posted as to my progress. I’m hoping to fit into my normal pants by the end of the month.
    Thanks for all the support guys – love you all.
    Amy – Jared , what no Vegas stories?
    Tammer – be safe and we expect great progress out there in Cali.
    Danimal – Hope your having a blast. Send us a CF picture of you down there.

  7. Gerson M :

    I’ll share my spurs but NOT my chaps… j/k

  8. James :

    I think that video just made me a man.
    Does that mean I don’t have to do the workout?

  9. I don´t have a jump rope so i just did 40 man-makers strait though. and let me say, OH MY GOD! Those suck. Such a good workout though. It took me just under 15 minutes I think.
    these were supposed to be 40# each hand right?
    Cherie, I´ll definately get some good pics. It was pretty funny just now at the little local gym I go to. It´s the type of place that macho guys try and become the next Arnold, spending countless hours on a single set of muscles on old machines that probably came out of the 70s. The exercises I do there are more than a little strange. Even deadlifts get a scrunched up, on looking face or two as I move around machines to make room. Anyway, today when I did the man-makers the whole gym literally stopped what they were doing to watch. haha, yeah I´m definately the crazy gringo here. haha.
    Miss you all!

  10. Sherry :

    Tiff, I have white cowboy boots you can borrow.
    Cherie, I’m inspired that you’re going to keep us updated on your weight loss. Maybe I can pace you with my own…. maybe.
    Dan, it’s so fun to read your notes and comments here too!

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