Three rounds for time of;

30 Wallball 20#, 14#

30 Snatch 75#, 45# (Below the knee to full squat)

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Bethany and Emmalee modeling our new t-shirts.

New Verve t-shirts are finally in.  Bethany is sporting the women's plum and Emmalee (getting her GHD work in) is sporting the men's military green.  The cost of the shirts are $22 and proceeds are going to support the CrossFit sectional games in March 2010.  We have them in women's sizes of S, M, L and XL and men's are in S, M, L, XL, and 2XL.  Thanks to Jake Theno for another great design.  Next on the list; hoodies!


  1. Holly :

    The designs look awesome! I’m SUPER excited for the hoodies!!!

  2. Lynn :

    awesome! love the color and design! count me in!

  3. Amanda K. :

    super sweet! i want one or two!

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